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@nextbee Thanks, but I'm not seeing us head back in that direction anytime soon. Sticking to core expertise now.
Well friends, fans & former customers, the site's down. Sad & glad. Wanted 2 say 1 last thank you, 2 the folks who made it fun ~ you! XOXO
Promised an update ~Per http://bit.ly/WhatsUpAtDWG we were re-evaluating. We're pulling the plug soon. It's been fun! Thanks for everything!
Good night Twitterverse! *waving* Tweet!
@ShadowsPerson hey Robin! Great to see you. Sorry to wave and run, but must head off... say hello anytime over at @mike_kunkle. There more.
@cara19 Same here... headed off... stay the course and have a great weekend.
@cara19 LOL, I melt over 74 F.
Hello Friends/Followers! To those who have wondered where we are, still taking a break: http://bit.ly/WhatsUpAtDWG ~ Hope all's well!
Hey @cara19 ~ congrats on the article: http://bit.ly/Studio219Article ~ nice!
@LilPecan It means you could be juggled by a snot-nosed squeaky thing that touches your eye for fun, if you don't behave yourself! LOL
@DeepWatersCoach Blessings, Lisa! Be well.
@DeepWatersCoach Hanging in. Been focused on days gigs/career/networking/lining up the next thing. Kali is nursing again. Been very busy.
@cara19 Yeah, hate to admit it, but she is. ;-) Wish you the best with that teacher training. You'll do great.
@Cam_Anju Awesome, Cam. See you there.
@LilPecan Yeah, companion. That's good. And she's a good human, too.
@cara19 Hey Cara, thanks. BTW,our 18 yo has been doing some hot yoga. Crazy kid. ;-) Hope all's well with you!
@DeepWatersCoach Coach! Love the new pic. Hope you've been well.
@dapvnetah It's always a pleasure to block spammers.
@Cam_Anju Thanks Cam. we've been gone awhile. Not really back. Just stopped by to keep the account active. More active over @mike_kunkle now
@cyndeepaulson Hello Cyndee! Riding out the recession and waiting to determine next steps. Been a summer of great change, for sure.

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