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RT @dpchealthcare: Let's discuss how @dpchealthcare can cut your total healthcare costs by 30 percent.  Together we can accomplish this AND…
RT @dpchealthcare: https://t.co/cIPcRvEkWT
RT @BosFootball: I don’t know what happened...but it’s coming home! Incredible effort and incredible heart. Proud to be a Pioneer. On to…
RT @ItCanWait: Don’t let one post cause you to miss out on a lifetime of memories. @ATT reminds you, #ItCanWait. Take the pledge to never d…
RT @dpchealthcare: You say you want a revolution? Doctors and patients are taking back control of the healthcare industry. The #DPC revolu…
RT @FloMarching: Congratulations to the 2017 BOA Grand National FINALISTS! https://t.co/Fu2j21a1bo
RT @TheKevinCasas: Boswell comes up short, but @abendschan game is on point => https://t.co/QyuEG2o4a4
RT @BosFootball: Very proud! Close - but must find a a way! Tournament begins Friday vs Denison 7 PM at Apogee Stadium on the UNT campus.…
@BoswellBandGold @xStormz_ https://t.co/LuaT6c4ZLc
RT @BoswellBandGold: Man! What a game! When was the last time Aledo had to fight that hard for a win in the regular season?! We are SO FREA…
RT @NASAGoddard: 🌟 . * . 🌙 * * . 🛰️ . ✨ * . * Thanks @Twitter, we can…
@TBNRKenny Allied National
@dpchealthcare @ElationHealth #DirectPrimaryCare is exciting! Proud to be part of this revolution! #DPC
RT @BoswellBandGold: Throwback Thursday #tbt https://t.co/bSBIHMwaoQ
RT @dpchealthcare: With #DirectPrimaryCare , it’s doctor, patient—and no insurer https://t.co/D5GWokyAU7 via @WSJ
RT @NatureisScary: Snake pulling a wallaroo out of a river https://t.co/2rMZplPr3q
RT @BoswellBandGold: Plan4Tomorrow: 6:00 - Boo at Bos 7:00 - Report to BBH 7:30 - Roll Call in Full Uniform 7:45 - Warm-Up 8:30 - Community…
RT @BoswellBandGold: https://t.co/EWhuRLAYOZ
U.S. pharmacy operator CVS Health Corp has made an offer to acquire Aetna Inc for more than $200 per share, or over $66 billion.
RT @AAPSonline: Patients in DPC practices should be excluded from this requirement and get refund for primary care coverage portion of prem…

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