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Dr. Edison's Medical Fund https://t.co/eaYufD0lrU
Dr. Edison's Medical Fund https://t.co/kziQjZT3xv
I signed up for the #LawBreakersAlpha for a chance to beat gravity into submission. You can too > https://t.co/XgYMX0t4t8
RT @Snowden: Courts should not serve as the government's rubber stamp. https://t.co/90oy9GYJrD https://t.co/l65E0wBh9L
RT @marsrader: Pelican in the Swan - part of the star forming region of the Orion Nebula. https://t.co/sBvHFOsham
RT @marsrader: Earth may be a blue marble in the blackness of space, but several nearby places have a lot more liquid water. https://t.co/7…
RT @Snowden: Journalists: please remember that government argued for months that this was impossible, despite expert consensus. https://t.c…
Welcome home Mr. Scot Kelly!!! https://t.co/Jl7gmcdqV9
Beautiful!!!! https://t.co/g0FGAAW5Qw
RT @marsrader: Lucy is a star made of diamond - the largest ever discovered. https://t.co/bGdwe5MKwq
@elonmusk @curtismcauliff Good! Thanks.
RT @StationCDRKelly: #Thanks for following our #YearInSpace The journey isn't over. Follow me as I rediscover #Earth! See you down below! h…
RT @ShuttleCDRKelly: Enjoy the view up there while it lasts, Scott! https://t.co/QJk3YHaYjN
@Chewy @wellnesspetfood Here he is https://t.co/9lmER6yTzJ
My cat loves this food. My first choice was raw but Mr. Moon does not like any soft foods. He LOVES this food! https://t.co/9wuj9uqSqw
RT @JayRyanAstro: 20TH CENTURY TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSES: This graphic illustrates why TSEs are so unfamiliar to most Americans. We... https://…
RT @lauraevansfox5: There really is a day for everything ... But I'd think this one would be in May or June.. #margaritamonday https://t.c…
Meet Mr. Moon, a 3-year old black Persian cat. His name fits him! https://t.co/BcmQsxA88J
RT @buzz: RIP Umberto Eco. I still quite "Mac is Catholic, DOS is Protestant" occasionally. https://t.co/lBSe0UBFwY
RT @StationCDRKelly: Day 327. A sky full of #stars and Earth aglow below. #GoodNight from @space_station! #YearInSpace https://t.co/Zab4eTA…

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