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Something I have said all along . Only way fat can be replaced is by surreptitiously adding sugar . And we live... https://t.co/d90mD5ric3
Every story does not have a fairy tale ending. Even Greats prove they r human. A small blemish does not decrease yo… https://t.co/nsgOovJDgl
For all of you staying in @NewYork @NewJerseyNow take part donate generously give these children a healthy future… https://t.co/180bdcmxcU
Congratulations 2 Sri M Venkaiah Naidu Garu @MVenkaiahNaidu on becoming Vice President of India I wish him success https://t.co/YXwweqqgMS
@drnikhildatar my classmate 4om #jjhospital #grantmedicalcollege is doing super work in helping distressed mothers… https://t.co/dvHIGhaRTN
2 pgs of the same newspaper with differing messages of govt help Time 2 get rid of red tapism & save precious human… https://t.co/wTrXwpZL5b
So correct . The best gift a mother can give her child #breastfeeding #WorldBreastfeedingWeek2017 #mothersmilk https://t.co/AKce6MXr4j
This is a joke . Time people pls see the tragedy of oral cancer and it's deleterious after effects on #thealth… https://t.co/S9Z8QfxVFW
Way to go @IndianWomenCric team go on do one better than the guys we r all supporting you @BCCI
@Raageshwari1 @SushmaSwaraj Was such a pleasure to meet you and your tiny bundle of joy
4om the high stress operating rooms 2 the historical "Silly Chap" & Anne Frank in Amsterdam time 2 unwind… https://t.co/KEi4R7hVIJ
@sagarthukral Someone from my office shall help you
Finally a life threatening problem getting its due recognition being called a disease Salute to the judge… https://t.co/f8RmtIUKs3
I am a doctor 2day bcoz Medicine is not my profession but my calling .Time 2 respect those who save lives… https://t.co/VWKWCRrBUT
Proof for my #NoSugar Campaign something I have said all along Sugar is harmful https://t.co/WAy0FOBkiz @drdeepaksawant @asmbs @JPNadda
https://t.co/GHoQOZctmn Congrats Dr Shailesh Puntambekar your work speaks. U make the Indian Medical community proud #uterustransplant
Proof why kids come first in r fight against obesity Prevention is better than cure #healthstart @CODSIndia01… https://t.co/CooOvjZIml
A majority of the obese in India r deficient . Esp in Vit D, Iron, B12 can they b called malnourished ?? @asmbs… https://t.co/wy3FHL6ftl
The sensitive side of doctors Proud of u Aparna and Debraj Do #charity and keep #Humanity alive in today's times https://t.co/SQ42vLc4mw
@ammarthk @CODSIndia01 @IfsoSecretariat @asmbs @JNJNews My team has been trying to reach you with no response pls reply back if u need help

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Bariatric & Laparoscopic Surgeon, Philanthropist, Lecturer, Health & Fitness Enthusiast,& amateur photographer.

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