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Another #throwbackthursday from the Lupo Center. Dr. Lupo’s staff Linda, Stacy, Thais, Brittany, Kristi and... http://t.co/dhjVv5v8jw
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20% Off Product of the Month - Dr. Mary Lupo's Dualistic Sunscreen Part of Dr. Mary Lupo's Skin Care System, the... http://t.co/IHr1wGYUri
#throwbackthursday #tbt In 1998, Dr. Lupo appeared on ABC’s The View where she talked about the importance of... http://t.co/GdLlR4Dhmi
Keep up with Dr. Lupo's national and local media interviews on our website. This summer, Dr. Lupo appeared in... http://t.co/Q7KNKmYImF
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It could be scar tissue, PIH, or persistent erythema. http://t.co/X3tm6Um0M3
There are subtle differences between filers http://t.co/wrcfPloUec
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Cutera HR http://t.co/dUMidJPynJ
Sunscreen is a must everyday, but if you do get a sunburn, Dr. Lupo explains how you can soothe it with at home... http://t.co/v0g7v7UklQ
These are dynamic lines made more noticeable from loume depletion. http://t.co/aA1Qu2bYRS
Pitted scars are very difficult to treat. See an expert http://t.co/Bj4cDgqbVc
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Congratulations on the pregnancy and rest assured http://t.co/GIwgvyU5HV
Spironolactone is often rescribed for women with alopecia http://t.co/0PFMsrPOPZ
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