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#Happy 4th of July# http://t.co/siX6m64Y8n
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#TransformationTuesday with Botox treatment at the Lupo Center http://t.co/FV3aV7x36A
Dr. Lupo with oculoplastic surgeon Jose Montes at the Kybella trainers meeting in Miami. Getting ready to train... http://t.co/gysInGJFpY
Love handles, spare tire, muffin top…. Whatever you call it, we all want to get rid of midsection fat on our... http://t.co/a9MfwyQKMY
Dr. Lupo discusses dealing with an abundance of SKs in the following article on http://t.co/3QlDYAOn4j. http://t.co/OtubaT2x8e
Do your homework!! Before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, make sure that your physician is board certified in... http://t.co/PZXvc9qYhH
We are so excited to hear that the 2015 Cosmetic Bootcamp has sold out! With the ever growing aesthetic industry,... http://t.co/HFVQh0DjXr
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Why cosmetic dermatology? Because you deserve it! Let the award-winning team at Lupo Center help you love what... http://t.co/83uBOwe2qf
Light peels and dermal fillers are safe together http://t.co/G4xt1U1NxO
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No more shaving, waxing, tweezing, razor bumps, or embarrassing stubble… Sound like a dream come true? Laser hair... http://t.co/iZN8XWVjh0
Call us today to bid farewell to your double chin! 504-288-2381 http://t.co/7ZFYhEkbo0
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Hands are susceptible to aging quickly because the skin is very thin and usually not protected from the sun or... http://t.co/cisqTwF9Q0
We are looking forward to a very exciting Cosmetic Bootcamp this year! Almost one month away! http://t.co/7fZgVhxBJZ

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