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GNRF uses advanced technology to measure, interpret and analyze brain functions. Engag
Help! My Thoughts Are Holding Me Hostage Radio Show – Thought Genius -
We use state-of the-art technology, precise scientific measures such as: brainmapping
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We all experience stress every day. It is an unavoidable part of our daily life. Techn
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Inner Balance™ HeartMath Device - Bluetooth Included: 3 training/informational videos
Active Games Improve Memory and Brain Health According to New Study
Thought Genius™ was founded on the belief that everyone has the ability to achieve hig
Testimonials – Thought Genius -
#VABrainTrust: We’re Warriors, not Patients: We just need to be trained for this next fight. #ThoughtGenius
Weekend Brain | We Do Things Differently #ThoughGenius
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List of best puzzle games to challenge your brain #ThoughtGenius #ChallengeYourBrain
Video games that get you moving are good for brain health finds new research #BrainGam
This Is Your Brain on Exercise: Why Physical Exercise Might Be the Best Way to Keep Yo

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I am devoted to the complex practice of mapping, analyzing and training the brain for optimal health and performance.

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