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According to recent findings, 1/5th of septuagenarians haven't met with a dentist in five years. https://t.co/fVNlwedQjf
Braces can be awkward for some teens and adults. The solution: Invisalign. https://t.co/hctEZu39NI https://t.co/wJ6YQ7Ytt0
The worst time to drink beverages high in acid, such as soda pop, is when you are thirsty, due to low levels of saliva. #OralHealth
Eat right. It can help you fend off plaque, periodontal disease, and gingivitis so you can SMILE PROUD.
Rinsing with water after drinking acidic drinks is a great way to prevent tooth erosion. #OralHealth
Before starting any whitening treatment, you should seek professional insight. There are a few options you should know about.
Have you ever tried gargling #applecidervinegar before brushing in the morning?
Today, we honor those who served and continue to serve and inspire. Tag a veteran below to say thanks. #VeteransDay https://t.co/6LRwk3WymR
Wisdom teeth are remnants of our ancestors, who required extra molars to cope with their hunter-gatherer diet. https://t.co/szAVdXu8t0
Invisalign braces eliminate the metal mouth stereotype of braces, but are they the answer? https://t.co/ZG9oSsabjZ
#SmokeFreeHome: Secondhand smoke has been shown to induce inflammation of the oral membrane.
Braces takes a lot of foods off the table. But, these recipes will have everyone smiling. https://t.co/o9q8v7At3Z
An underbite can lead to jaw pain and increased wear on enamel. #DentalFacts
Saliva combats acids in the mouth that erode your teeth. Foods like vegetables that stimulate saliva are great for your teeth.
This is what happens to your tooth after it gets pulled: https://t.co/uRgEwyC0l2
Discover Leading Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures https://t.co/b0tGOWV89t #burgesscenter https://t.co/jrAxOzaM1r
Have a toothache? Mash a clove of garlic together with a pinch of rock salt and apply the paste to the site.
Fruit juices and smoothies have 'unacceptably high' sugar content https://t.co/RNacJYHorI
Because tea has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it prevents gum disease and makes #gums healthier. https://t.co/B5Hy97GQ6y
#DYK: Chewing gum may trigger jaw muscle imbalance that can lead to TMJ.

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