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📷 New Strahl lab photo for 2015 https://t.co/80t4MmngGw
New antibody portal bolsters biomedical research reliability - UNC’s Brian Strahl, PhD, and Van Andel... http://t.co/aa4ckFREuZ
UNC Program in Chromatin and Epigenetics Launches - The new UNC Program in Chromatin and Epigenetics aims... http://t.co/rt6ZM4Q6j8
Scientists from UNC-Chapel Hill have created a new way to investigate epigenetic mechanisms important in... http://t.co/tMlJOlAtR5
All the Cell’s a Stage - Brian Strahl, PhD, and his band of biochemists unravel the complicated mysteries... http://t.co/OcGPL7bY0v
UNC Professor Brian Strahl receives NIH and NSF grants to study gene expression http://t.co/yXrVfbni2D #Education
Brian Strahl’s lab pinpoints new role for enzyme in DNA repair - The discovery, from the lab of Brian... http://t.co/VVQumgeAfX
Brian Strahl 2014 Summer lab photo http://t.co/YQ4ECAc2GV
Brian Strahl's lab at UNC pinpoints new role for enzyme in DNA repair https://t.co/9hr496fYe4 #Epigenetics
Brian Strahl Promoted to Full Professor - Dr. Strahl’s laboratory has been at the forefront of... http://t.co/ruo4dtWdlF
Brian Strahl - Brian Strahl, Higher Education: The authoritative source of Brian Strahl’s personal... http://t.co/Z9RHrP7pTq
Brian Strahl, PhD featured in history of epigenetics story - Dr. Brian Strahl, associate professor of... http://t.co/JCqiDuBhLu
Strahl lab 2013 Holiday Lunch http://t.co/pgH00BpGxY
Strahl lab members photo - Fall 2013 http://t.co/I4qBDHkAyq
UNC High-Throughput Peptide Synthesis and Array Core Facility - brian-d-strahl: Providing researchers with... http://t.co/2RE6uvgHK0
UNC researchers identify another piece of the ‘histone code’ puzzle - UNC-CHAPEL HILL – DNA is often called... http://t.co/kMYqLGCUxJ
UNC scientists receive a W.M. Keck Foundation award to develop new tools to study the protein methylome - Thr… http://t.co/hPUXT9ri
Brian Strahl on the UNC Peptide Synthesis Core Facility - UNC Chapel Hill has established a High-Throughput P… http://t.co/dsM0fnQ6
Brian D Strahl and colleagues' paper on UHRF1 is selected as nature structural & molecular biology’s “article… http://t.co/PHYodszN

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Dr. Brian D. Strahl is a cancer researcher at UNC Chapel Hill studying how epigenetics contributes to human biology and disease. http://briandstrahl.com

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