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@danielbuechele I use goofy for mac os. after using voice feature +- 4 times, the function stops working. Won't press. Have to restart goofy
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Thanks Sandy! https://t.co/hSCWdJN8wu
@Sandyjcardy @DrBradyHurst Thanks Sandy. Here is the direct link to our complete thyroid panel: https://t.co/jCeOID09cO
Most people use this saying as a notion of resignment to a situation. Resignment is not the same as external accept… https://t.co/FR3IMRbalh
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This is not how you FIX diabetes. https://t.co/2lSFOYBhGa
This is not how you FIX diabetes. https://t.co/u8CRzRyKn2
Oneness is observation without the smokescreen of thought. This is rarely done but what we strive for. #eckharttolle https://t.co/HCNg3kIUAU
An easy weight loss mantra: “Eat for energy, not for fun.” https://t.co/5FiRBFsgOg
An easy weight loss mantra: “Eat for energy, not for fun.” https://t.co/UxayNtAVUv
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Functional Medicine doctor who emphasized laboratory testing and aggressive nutrition in the management of chronic diseases. Look for great health tips.

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