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3 must haves to be happy: Something 2 to do, someone to love & something to look forward to. Found in "Act of War" by Brad Thor
Grant request rec'd from friends @ Phx Homeless Shelter. @WeDealInHope gave em $2 million. Couldn't say no.
Very soon we will need to teach bookmark makers everywhere a new skill.
@DrBobParsons: Just finished "Blood Feud" by Ed Klein. About why Obamas & Clintons dislike each other. Outstanding "can't put down" read.
@ILLINI_MAN692 only by mistake Tim. I'm back following you now. Sorry.
A BIG difference between the USA & the rest of the world: We don't care about Soccer.
Tattoo I got yesterday with winning bidder (who also got one) of Make-A-Wish Harley Motorcycle auction package.
@ILLINI_MAN692 Thanks Tim. You are the man!
Kettle calling the .... Al Qaeda says ISIS (terrorist group now raising hell in IRAQ) are "extremists"
Custom sport bike motorcycle helmet design by for Marine Corps "0311" riflemen.
Hilarious Vid Acceptance of PHX LBGT Kirk Baxter Spirit Award recognizing our work in fight against HIV/AIDS
Holy Pistol Grips Batman!!! Tennessee woman caught trying to smuggle a loaded gun in her V......
"Gun Free Zone" restaurant that forbids concealed weapons, gets robbed by gunman (who maybe didn't read signs)
Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation gives $5.25 million to help transform lives of Phoenix "At Risk" Children
Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation gives $288,000 to help daughters of parents in prison break intergenerational cycle
Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation gives $250 thousand to provide supervised medical care for Homeless.
Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation gives $1.4 million to renovate/operate kid's dental clinic for homeless/others
WSJ: Earth's resources aren't running out. "Stone age didn't end because we ran out of stone."
I finally found excellent ipod ear buds to use on my motorcycle. Great at speed, comfy & stay in my ear. Yurbuds.
Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation gives $2 mil to grant wishes of children's w/life threatening medical conditions.

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