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Remembering my 58,044 brothers & sisters who died in the Viet Nam War. #NeverForget #WelcomeHome
Do No Evil? The goal is to use a "harmless" talking doll to slowly learn how to manipulate your child.
AICPA methods to compute net income sometimes do not reflect reality. Smart Investors judge financial results using EBITDA & cash flow.
If the Queen of England would stop showing up so damn late for troop inspections, royal guards wouldn't pass out.
Turn-of-the-century football helmet "test pilots" had no easy job.
Guy with rifle shoots CEO in the balls while he wears NutShellz Cup.
Lost interest in Mayweather-Paquio match last night at about round 9. Seemed choreographed. Reminded me of WrestleMania.
Yep. It's snake season in Arizona. Meet Mr. Bull snake!!
40 yrs ago today Saigon Surrendered & Vietnam War was over. #NeverForget #WelcomeHome
Meet my new Kawi H2 supercharged streetbike. 0 to 60 < 2.5 sec. Incredibly fast! Ho Li Fuk!
Warning: Mature Content. Not every rabbit has what it takes to be an ever-ready bunny!!
RT @Bradley60Sowell: Great time hitting the @pxg driver today with @DrBobParsons!This thing is gonna be something special,numbers dont lie …
RT @ParsonsXtreme: Another great day for @ParsonsXtreme #Golf. @BUrlacher54 tests the #PXG 0811 driver and kills it!
Post Masters Tournament depression almost as bad as post NFL football season blues. Thank God for Baseball.
Bunny Ears for "The Easter Eagle." At Celebrity Fight Night with Wounded US Marines Martinez & Gaertner. #SemperFi
HUGE Breakthrough! Transparent solar panels. Glass screen charges cell phones. Windows charge car & house.
ICANN approves domain name .SUCKS. Really ICANN? Will be mainly registered to prevent negative uses.
No bottle opener? Here's how to open a beer bottle with a sheet of paper from your printer or photocopier.
OK. Who's gonna tell Tom Cotton, Kim Jong Un is NOT gonna know/care he's the honorable U.S. Senator from Arkansas?
@TurntableKittah Hi Marj. 1st I'm not a real doc-nick name. Apple has a rep of eventually getting things right. We'll see.

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CEO and Founder: & GO AZ Motorcycles. Hunter, U.S. Marine. Not a real doc. Lover of all things American (esp Chevrolet, NRA & Smith & Wesson).

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