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Courtesy Disconnect: New term for IRS hanging up on tax help callers to avoid taking calls. Old Term: F*ck off!
You just knew this would happen: Shark fishing blamed for rash of NC shark attacks. Sharks are striking back!!
Yours truly on CNBC Power Lunch "Why bad advertising is like a fat guy at a party."
Parsons Xtreme Golf roadshow teaser video.
Crazy Chambers Bay. DJ's downhill trickler putt shows little break. But his must have short up hiller back bends out of the cup. #USOpen
I like the pointed commentary of #FoxSports #USOpen commentator Robert Damron.
Uber bans guns from its cars! Anyone think criminals will take note of this ban and leave their guns at home?
Remembering my 58,044 brothers & sisters who died in the Viet Nam War. #NeverForget #WelcomeHome
Do No Evil? The goal is to use a "harmless" talking doll to slowly learn how to manipulate your child.
AICPA methods to compute net income sometimes do not reflect reality. Smart Investors judge financial results using EBITDA & cash flow.
If the Queen of England would stop showing up so damn late for troop inspections, royal guards wouldn't pass out.
Turn-of-the-century football helmet "test pilots" had no easy job.
Guy with rifle shoots CEO in the balls while he wears NutShellz Cup.
Lost interest in Mayweather-Paquio match last night at about round 9. Seemed choreographed. Reminded me of WrestleMania.
Yep. It's snake season in Arizona. Meet Mr. Bull snake!!
40 yrs ago today Saigon Surrendered & Vietnam War was over. #NeverForget #WelcomeHome
Meet my new Kawi H2 supercharged streetbike. 0 to 60 < 2.5 sec. Incredibly fast! Ho Li Fuk!
Warning: Mature Content. Not every rabbit has what it takes to be an ever-ready bunny!!
RT @Bradley60Sowell: Great time hitting the @pxg driver today with @DrBobParsons!This thing is gonna be something special,numbers dont lie …
RT @ParsonsXtreme: Another great day for @ParsonsXtreme #Golf. @BUrlacher54 tests the #PXG 0811 driver and kills it!

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