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So it wasn't because they seldom brushed & never flossed? "How & when birds lost their teeth."
Ka Ching! Just raised $10 million for seriously injured troops. @SemperFiFund raised $5 mil + $5 mil @WeDealInHope B&R Parsons Found match!
Life Passages: You believe in Santa Claus You don't believe in Santa Claus You are Santa Claus You look like Santa Claus
I wish our President was in the USA and not dressed like this on Veteran's Day
Go Daddy's 2014 USMC Birthday $ Veteran's Day Salute. Going to raise $10 million for our injured warriors!
Post divorce, best to move on & not buy house next to ex-wife & erect middle finger statue like this guy!
RT @MonicaLewinsky: 4 in 10 adult internet users harassed online; severe harassment for young women
@CoolGreenPines @Inc Nice message. Troll.
Your Deep ocean sub ride was fun until attacked by JUMBO SQUID seeking revenge for the calamari you always order
Ooh Rah! My 1st dealership, Go AZ Motorcycles named #1 dealership in North America for 2nd consecutive year.
Breaks my heart IRAQ Vet USMC Double Amputee & PTSD victim Casey Owens took his young life yesterday. RIP Marine.
RT @NayNay3: My interview w/ @catherineanaya Philanthropic Parsons spread wealth to help better Arizona - CBS 5 - KPHO…
Now this is genuinely CREEPY. An invisibility cloak that actually works and works well.
Just overheard: With Robin Williams & Joan Rivers passing, there's a lot more laughs in Heaven. For my part, I sure miss them both.
This priceless bawdy Go Daddy internet only ad is exactly the way I will always remember my friend Joan Rivers.
Today is election day! I support Christine Jones for Arizona Governor. We've never had a better candidate.
I did it! 10 beer tubs of ice water for #alsicebucketchallenge Raised $100,000 for a great cause.
This is why I donated over $2 million to help Christine Jones get elected AZ Governor
Ho Li Fuk! Crazy Russian Hacker boils down Coca-Cola and shows how much sugar in each bottle. Wowza!
Goodbye Robin you crazy wonderful human being. Renee & I are sure going to miss you.

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