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@MichaelMillman @GoDaddy @GoDaddyHelp Hi Michael. Bob Parsons here. Did your issue get corrected?
Want a smile? Check out Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale's newest TV ad.
My newest venture: @SneakyBig. 15,000 sq ft super high tech AV production studio. Should become an AZ Landmark
RT @Chris_Kirk_: Such a cool thing to get in the mail. Makes me very thankful to get to play golf for a living.
The Golf Channel's Xtreme Closeup of yours truly and Parsons Xtreme Golf.
Wowza! PXG's 2016 Pro Tour Staff. Zach Johnson, Billy Horschel, Chris Kirk, James Hanh, Cristie Kerr & 7 More
Spent Xmas day home sick in bed w/Flu like symptoms. I suspect the Last time I had that much fun I was circumcised. I'm better today. :)
Does touch screen nix need for a trackpad/mouse? Apple says YES. iPad Pro supports neither. I disagree & bought a MSFT Surface Pro 4. Nice!
@tridying The clubs are available in Europe now. Go to our website at and select "Locate a Retailer." Thanks.
Our PXG Experience made the Robb Reports list of outstanding recommended gifts. Wowza!
A blunt holiday message from your local stretchy pants retailer ...
GoDaddy's annual birthday salute to the US Marine Corps. Enjoy!
@viliamu808 Best to you too Billy. Nice to hear from you bro.
Johnny got this one right ... "One day the people who didn't believe in you will tell everyone how they met you" - Johnny Depp
Cristie Kerr & Gerina Piller finished 1st and 2nd in LPGA tournament playing PXG clubs today. Plus Baltimore Ravens won. #perfectday
Round 3 LPGA CME Championship: Christi Kerr (tied 1st) & Gerina Piller (tied 3rd) are both playing PXG irons.
Frequent meetings & group decisions gave us the dead on arrival Microsoft Zune. Officially pronounced dead today.
The story behind the @PXG golf club numbering system. Hint: It's a tribute to the United States Marine Corps.
PXG makes the world's finest golf clubs. Here's how it came about.
Just got a 1st Marine Division Vietnam tattoo at Club Tattoo at Harley- Davidson of Scottsdale! Great job guys!

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