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Shhh! The TV is listening! Samsung has Smart TVs spy on consumers; transmit private conversations over net.
RT @JermaineDye: Luv my prototype @ParsonsXtreme irons & driver. Best feeling clubs I've ever hit Thank U @DrBobParsons @Schweigert72 http:…
Let's not get "wound up" over an Apple car in 2020. iWatch is late & not taking orders. Maybe an Apple car in 3020.
Truth's stranger than fiction because Fiction has to make sense. Seattle SB losing SLANT PASS UP THE MIDDLE vs #BeastMode sadly not fiction.
RT @umangdua: Pete Carroll's phone
"Headless Body (found) in Topless Bar" remains to this day the greatest actual news headline ever!
My team (Jeff Maggert, Steve Bennett, @NayNay3 & Me) won Mitsubishi Open Pro Am. I shot 77. Pretty good day!
Good news for those who dislike the number 9. Microsoft's major update to Windows 8 will be called ... Windows 10.
@jackrclubpro I'm not going to be there Jack.
Oh my!
Man in Rio snaps Christ The Redeemer Pic when clouds part for a second after he prays for his very sick little son.
KaChing!!! We just raised $12 million dollars for critically injured military. Who loves ya baby!
No matter what you do, you will NOT be successful UNLESS you live by the msg in this video. PS I watch it everyday.
@DomainNameWire I like and support The Semper Fi Fund.
2012 Wounded Warrior IRS form: Raised (pg1 line 12) $154 million. Gave warriors (pg 10 lines 1 & 2) $5.4 million.
Hello World! Pls meet my newest company. Parsons Xtreme Golf. @ParsonsXtreme
Classic. Very clever & funny spoof of a MasterCard commercial. Warning: Adult Content
Iran hacks bank computers. Banks retaliate. Q: Guess who FBI is after for wrong doing? A: The Banks.
@alwaysinthesun1 Thanks Lisa!
Over eat during the holidays! A bowl of "Colon Blow" will set u free. Hilarious SNL classic w/Phil Hartman

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CEO and Founder: & GO AZ Motorcycles. Hunter, U.S. Marine. Not a real doc. Lover of all things American (esp Chevrolet, NRA & Smith & Wesson).

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