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Post Masters Tournament depression almost as bad as post NFL football season blues. Thank God for Baseball.
Bunny Ears for "The Easter Eagle." At Celebrity Fight Night with Wounded US Marines Martinez & Gaertner. #SemperFi
HUGE Breakthrough! Transparent solar panels. Glass screen charges cell phones. Windows charge car & house.
ICANN approves domain name .SUCKS. Really ICANN? Will be mainly registered to prevent negative uses.
No bottle opener? Here's how to open a beer bottle with a sheet of paper from your printer or photocopier.
OK. Who's gonna tell Tom Cotton, Kim Jong Un is NOT gonna know/care he's the honorable U.S. Senator from Arkansas?
@TurntableKittah Hi Marj. 1st I'm not a real doc-nick name. Apple has a rep of eventually getting things right. We'll see.
Does our friend Hillary have herself ... in a bit of a pickle? Thanks to Lars Larson for the pic.
Bob and Renee Foundation pledges $3.5 million to expand Haiti Medical Clinic. Video of our 3rd visit to Haiti.
Shhh! The TV is listening! Samsung has Smart TVs spy on consumers; transmit private conversations over net.
RT @JermaineDye: Luv my prototype @ParsonsXtreme irons & driver. Best feeling clubs I've ever hit Thank U @DrBobParsons @Schweigert72 http:…
Let's not get "wound up" over an Apple car in 2020. iWatch is late & not taking orders. Maybe an Apple car in 3020.
Truth's stranger than fiction because Fiction has to make sense. Seattle SB losing SLANT PASS UP THE MIDDLE vs #BeastMode sadly not fiction.
RT @umangdua: Pete Carroll's phone
"Headless Body (found) in Topless Bar" remains to this day the greatest actual news headline ever!
My team (Jeff Maggert, Steve Bennett, @NayNay3 & Me) won Mitsubishi Open Pro Am. I shot 77. Pretty good day!
Good news for those who dislike the number 9. Microsoft's major update to Windows 8 will be called ... Windows 10.
@jackrclubpro I'm not going to be there Jack.
Oh my!
Man in Rio snaps Christ The Redeemer Pic when clouds part for a second after he prays for his very sick little son.

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CEO and Founder: & GO AZ Motorcycles. Hunter, U.S. Marine. Not a real doc. Lover of all things American (esp Chevrolet, NRA & Smith & Wesson).

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