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I remain undecided. not so much. Seems very anti-Trump/pro Hillary. A bit too obvious they are stacking the news.
New Tattoo! Just added ribbons I rec'd while in USMC on top of Eagle, Globe & Anchor Tattoo. Love it! Semper Fi!
Close call. When the Horse took off, I hung on for dear life closer & closer to falling when the Safeway manager unplugged it & saved me.
Quick decisions & fast execution mean success for winning ventures. Indecision & inaction are the troubled parents of the also ran.
Long ago: When guy w/TIVO tried to tell someone why they needed it, both walked away thinking other was an idiot. Now it's Trump vs Hillary
I believe most shower control designers are sadists who want us standing in the hotel shower naked, cold and baffled.
The US & UK are inseparable allies because we have so much in common. God save the Queen!
Man skydives 25,000 feet without parachute, lands in net without injury and is just fine. #steelballs Wowza!!
Microsoft ducked a bullet when Yahoo! refused their $45b deal. Verizon won't be so lucky.
I'm pleased and proud to announce Charl Schwartzel has joined Team @PXG & will be playing PXG equipment in The Open!
Even our new puppy can barely stand one of old Max’s farts!
@Yellsback Hi Kate, We have an excellent studio at Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale. Tell them I sent you.
June 19th isFather's Day! LostDad 10+ yrs ago. I often see him smiling back when I smile at a mirror. Happy early Father's day Dad! Miss ya!
Bet you've not seen a TV Ad like the one my agency -- Big Yam -- just produced for Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale.
Goodbye to my friend and hero Muhammad Ali. One day we'll beat Parkinson's Disease thanks to The Champ's courage, generosity & leadership.
Why PXG clubs are The World's Finest. "Inside PXG" by Golfing World, leading golf publication in the UK.
RT @pxg: Congratulations @RoccoMediate on your 2016 @seniorpgachamp victory! #Major #PXGTroops
Lady bought/chugged 4 beers at a baseball game then used the tray for a sun hat. God Bless America! Thx fatjewish!
LPGA Star & PXG Staff member Gerina Piller presents two dudes trying out for PXG Rap Team (might not make it).
Goodbye Playboy! They completely redid the magazine. No longer fun and funny and now is closer to Vogue.

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CEO and Founder: & GO AZ Motorcycles. Hunter, U.S. Marine. Not a real doc. Lover of all things American (esp Chevrolet, NRA & Smith & Wesson).

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