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How fabulous! https://t.co/wGIHRSqtyo
Love my neighborhood- https://t.co/0IpTGGlqIH
This is cute. A giggle for the morning. https://t.co/obP02vBV86
Back on the bridge headed to Dallas . Beautiful day . 11 hours 46 mins to go.... 󾆐
Pick a hotel he says- end up being at the end of a 3 mile bridge !!! I hate any bridge . We are stopped in the... https://t.co/JDNGVwEfkl
Have you heard of Couture Sample Sales? Sharing this with you all~:: Plan for Valentines day~today! They are... https://t.co/ycFu8IEgJu
Movin' on up~ As they say~~ https://t.co/O25DTxcN3a
As Jeff foxworthy would say.... You know your a redneck when you are driving your cart,eating a [full] chicken... https://t.co/u6pv99Y0SM
brilliant! Brahhahahaha! https://t.co/SgUzYP5RnU
For those flying home tonight or tomorrow~ Hope you get this entertaining flight!! I can hear my son laughing in... https://t.co/CrWfJMYZZd
I find Palm Beach kind and inviting city. My husband I just love it here. We are so glad we moved here and love... https://t.co/Hins0v9ocd
So beautiful~ Honoring those who have served our country and are not home with their family's God Bless you for... https://t.co/9qcfj9q1bP
The struggle was real. We had to put on socks. Too good not to share- https://t.co/gmf3lg5LDF
To all my ADHD friends and family~ Enjoy! https://t.co/WPd2pb7tDb
Priceless... :) https://t.co/XhhByDfMul
Nutcracker dance... Who says you have to go to a ballet to hear great music and fabulous dance moves! Enjoy! https://t.co/SRgmNv6f6R
Ahhhh the house is all clean , decorated for Christmas .ready for family to arrive! Palm beach weather -... https://t.co/G9uGROaRhS
Last year we had the excitement of Coleman and Erin getting married!! Al and I have received such happy news!... https://t.co/t2FiN6wLVr
Bill Would Keep Florida on Daylight-Saving Time Permanently https://t.co/e5MBEwsdxm

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