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Core indicators falling, risk rising, but breadth healthy. Raising some cash or hedging core portfolios. $SPX $QQQ…
RT @JustanHenner: Humble choices are often the most powerful. - Sybil
RT @_TradeFollowers: Price targets for $SPX tweeted by traders show resistance at 2400. Support at 2350 and 2300. $SPY…
RT @JustanHenner: Have I cured you of your delusions? - Lu
RT @NietzscheQuotes: The mother of excess is not joy but joylessness. #Nietzsche
RT @JustanHenner: It is protest without a purpose, because I believe what you say. - Jem
Measures of breadth are starting to show small warnings. Still in wait and see mode. $SPX $QQQ…
RT @JustanHenner: Subversive plots always make me giddy. - Trin
RT @JustanHenner: It is easier to hide behind the supposition that remains unvoiced. - Justice
RT @JustanHenner: I won't trade my happiness for approval. - Trin
RT @JustanHenner: Corruption finds corrupt places. Liars find places to lie. Killers find ways to kill. - Jem
Some consolidation as expected when $SPXEW under performs $SPX.
Expected consolidation, but nothing serious in internal indicators yet. $SPX $QQQ
RT @ukarlewitz: $NYMO -80 since 2003. Often near 2% bounce or a low, but also some cases where price just kept falling…
RT @SJD10304: $RUT putting in a "bearish" outside reversal week. But when the prior week closed at an ATH, it actually hasn't been "beari…
RT @_TradeFollowers: When sector sentiment is all positive it usually means a short term top. Overbought condition. $SPX $QQQ…
Market health weakens. Raising some cash or adding hedges in core portfolios. $SPX $QQQ
RT @JustanHenner: When it comes down to it, the lot of us are fodder. - Wilt
RT @JustanHenner: Even fools have a few worthwhile ideas in their heads. - Trin
RT @JustanHenner: The gods are everywhere, scheming and plotting to ruin people's lives. - Trin

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Hedging my portfolio in one way or another from the late 1990s. Tracking Twitter stock market sentiment every day in the future.

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