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Doug Battista - Don't forget to share with your employees how you feel they are performing. It helps!
Doug Battista - Connect with my Google+ Page here:
Doug Battista - Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to find the right path!
Doug Battista - Working remote has its perks - but make sure you know what your employees are doing
Doug Battista - Thought for the day: failure precedes success.
Doug Battista - Proud to have my own wiki:
Doug Battista - Teams with strong leaderships who trust employees often view work with positive attitude.
Doug Battista - Great info in this one:
Doug Battista - Quick email responses with little detail and no follow up may indicate an issue among your remote workforce.
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Doug Battista - Remote workers develop relationships differently than those in-office. Do you know how to spot a rift?
Doug Battista - Here's an interesting read:
Doug Battista - Being responsible team leader means following through on commitments.
Doug Battista - Would love to know what you think:
Doug Battista - All the education in the world doesn't give you drive to perform, so do what you love.

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Doug Battista is the Vice President of Human Resources at Jenny Craig and a life-long fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates.