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Wow, I haven't tweeted here since Friday, November 13, 2015. Let's see, today is ... EEEK! Run for your lives! Go home! Lock the door! EEEK!
@ken5_09 Oops. I already answered that. I've forgotten how to use Twitter. (Actually, Twitter has changed and I'm not used to it.)
@ken5_09 Yeah, Chuck and I are old buddies (in my cartoon dreams).
It's Friday the 13th! The Dark Dot of Death is out there! Be afraid! Be very afraid!
@ken5_09 Thank you! Charlie Brown is one of my idols.
@quesispoo Thank you! Loveliness is almost as important as cuteness.
@ken5_09 Oooooh, I've been busy. I haven't even been looking at Twitter. I hope you are well.
I wanted more dots, though.
I "peanutized" myself! How do I look?
Friday the 13th, twice in two months! That's just terrible.
Watch out, Dottish people, it's Friday the 13th! The Dark Dot of Death is among us! We can't be too careful!
Everybody here in Dotland wishes everybody out there a Happy New Year. We look forward to lots of dots this year!
(Well, sooner or later we all will die.)
EEEEEK! It's Friday the 13th and there's a full moon! Run! The Dark Dot of Death will get us! We're all going to DIE!
Maybe I should start tweeting again, huh? I always intend to, but I'm busy these days.
Oh, look! A beautiful view of Dotland, my home country, is in IC4DESIGN's gallery! Look carefully!
Oh! This is the kind of thing we like in Dotland.
February 14 is International Book Giving Day! @bookgivingday #giveabook
Ooooh! These are the best dot pix I've seen in a long time.
Frozen bubbles!

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