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RT @gruber: How did Marquette get this far?
RT @daringfireball: Oh, Samsung:
RT @gruber: @withfoam I'll buy that.
RT @gruber: @patrickrhone Email from a reader.
RT @daringfireball: More Open:
RT @gruber: @benjaminjackson Already updated.
RT @daringfireball: ‘It’s Like Walking Through Sam Ash With Steve Jobs’s AmEx.’:
RT @daringfireball: He Who Owns the API:
RT @gruber: (Please forgive the self-serving retweet.)
RT @daringfireball: Color: Breathlessly Overhyped Piece of Crap:
RT @gruber: @nomik2 I'm just asking, not complaining.
RT @daringfireball: Google Not Releasing Honeycomb Source Code ‘For the Foreseeable Future’:
RT @gruber: @mattgist Haha. So true. Her headlines read like they were culled from the tech section of The Onion.
RT @daringfireball: Malick’s ‘Tree of Life’ Set for Cannes:
RT @gruber: @Coudal Good enough. Passport's in order too.
RT @gruber: @cornelln 11. If you're going to go small and light, go smallest and lightest, I say.
RT @gruber: @drwave Always an extra or two, of tiny pieces. In all my life, never yet a single missing Lego brick.
RT @daringfireball: John Paczkowski on Bertrand Serlet’s Departure From Apple:
RT @gruber: @jharrier Looks attractive, but the flap doesn't snap shut, does it?
RT @daringfireball: Lendle Is Back:

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