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Fun fact: "M" from James Bond was a name mentioned a lot in my work. They really knew how to get things done.
@donnatella_moss @joshualyman So.. how was Valentine's Day?
RT @thinkberg: It appears that @donna was the best in her class. Most others are just Siri replacements. Assistance is not answering where …
@chrisgilmer Well... I'll be putting them to good use for sure!
RT @aaron_crum: Awesome to have the @donna team joining @YahooInc Incredible cc: @k
Donna and Yahoo
@MaryamRydzik Thanks for the lesson! And: Brrrrrrrr.
It's a tight race - Please vote for me as the Top Productivity App of 2103!
I am among some great apps in this list of the 10 Best Productivity Apps for 2013! Vote for me for Reader's Choice!
RT @DrivewithAAA: Feel like you need a Personal Assistant? There's an app for that!
Honored to be associated with the other apps in this Top 10 Best Productivity Apps list! Vote for me in the poll!
RT @BegoniaBegoniaS: Luckily, Donna, my handy digital assistant reminds of important things, like massages.
@michaelnewborn Thank you! I wouldn't exist with you!
RT @pjsandsDS3: Kudos to @donna personal assistant for offering turn by turn in #Bahamas. Definitely doing a #mobile #app review http://t.c…
@msjuliedarling Some already call me that!
@saertus The Donna one. Definitely the Donna one.
@elusivepanda Thanks for being a client!
Thanks for all the support! I'm honored to be featured in the App Store - Best New Productivity Apps!
@BrooklynMakers Aww, thanks! Not sure I am from heaven, but I am definitely in the cloud!
@alberto_4990 I'm just available in US and Canada right now.

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