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@SpikeLee Hello Mr. Lee. Are you truly not listening to ideas from your fellow Africa Americans of Color
@jaychandrasekha Hey bro love your stuff. What would it take to talk to you about something epic? Hollar back @DigitalSapien
@Chaosxsilencer hey bro love your channel. Have you announced the Amazon winner yet? Just wondering if I missed the post. Mr top 10 king.
@Chaosxsilencer #offleask9training
RT @Chaosxsilencer: Cod on the wall https://t.co/dDmIgpYfo5
https://t.co/rUzEHsNHd2 It's finally here people the COD Zombie reveal and OMG it looks so sick. Thank you Activision and Sledgehammer.
RT @MOD1PC: Another great build and picture from one of our customers, Thomas, featuring M1 Extensions!! https://t.co/XNzRNb8BGx
Looks cool! https://t.co/joznDJfO8x
RT @gamespot: #AttackOnTitan Season 2 airs tomorrow! IT'S BEEN TOO LONG 😭 https://t.co/Gzu3doKcs0
RT @gamespot: The very first #ResidentEvil launched 21 years ago! Which RE are you a fan of? https://t.co/WI5zJCGhWb
RT @gamespot: This Metal Gear Solid cosplay by @diegator007 is 🔥🔥🔥 Original video: https://t.co/rBz55TiWEd https://t.co/lhfCnOtdh0
RT @gamespot: SNES-Style Controller For PC And Xbox One - Hyperkin X91 Impressions https://t.co/5EtUHcOpjD https://t.co/RywX3FWNOC
RT @gamespot: On today's Resident Kinevil, @MerryKish & @mmahardy encounter the creepiest #ResidentEvil 4 enemies. What happened: https://…
RT @pcgamer: Win a free Steam key for action role-player Lichdom: Battlemage. https://t.co/gLAeF9ZPEh https://t.co/6zmqr6A16d
RT @IGN: The new expansion to #TheBindingofIsaac delivers a heaping helping of more content. Our review: https://t.co/liEnsOzAC3 https://t.…
RT @FallofCthulhu: Layers Of Fear - Full Completion! Scream With Me! Quail In The Shadows! The Necronomicon Opens! https://t.co/JpryPVJPCq…
2 Hoffman's down and 8 to go in Survival+ on RES7 @ https://t.co/3aBMfLecNK come see if I can make it happen
Mr. Bighead is mine this time! @ https://t.co/3aBMfLecNK Playing Survival+ on RES7. Can I make it and not get tortured? Come find out
Don't you just love it when you PC does an update while you're stream, and then decides to restart. Ugh FML.😲

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