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@verias and reliable? I'm hoping WDs are problem free these days. After I had one die on me I lost a little faith in them.
@otterboi I was hoping drives would be a little cheaper by now, I've got rather limited funds.
is in desperate need of a 2Tb 7200rpm drive after filling up her 1Tb Samsung. Perhaps the WD WD2003FYYS RE4 would do..?
@BearNoiz *hugs* How are you doing? I'll pop on msn later and try to catch you :) *locates net* ;)
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@InsaneXade Heyas :)
would love to be outside in the hot sun today, but must press on with work.
has just renewed her mobile phone contract with an HTC Desire Z - nice! #Android #HTC I hope its a good one to replace my Symbian Nokia N85.
@dofain I'd be a fan of a free iPad ;) Be great for developing apps for too :)
TechCrunch Giveaway: An iPad 2 #TechCrunch via @techcrunch
is excited the first image she has commissioned is nearly done :D I can't wait to see the finished article :D
can move her phone numbers to @sipgateUK, woo! Shame about the £20 per transfer :/
@mrpandapants Yeah true. I thought it would be unlike them to be so poor, but they are scrapping a lot of things atm too.
@shinyminidrake Yeah :( US customers get their numbers converted to Google Voice numbers though, which is more than they'll do for UK users.
@mrpandapants Thanks for the support :) I am so disappointed in @google for neglecting the non-US :(
is going to loose her dear #voip #sip #Gizmo5 UK phone number because @google are DUMPING UK customers & won't port us to @googlevoice :(
@WeisenWolf I might get addicted it it works out :) I'd love to get to go to AC one day, when I finally get some cash in :)
might be buying her first commission soon.. Then I'll have to get my own two fursonas commissioned too, or at least when I can afford it ;)
keeps working all night, must rest more ;)
@RedIsTheCat Always :) Via Twitter or email to digitalfur (@) :)

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