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We came out with our new STICKER line at
so anyone doing anything exciting
@NeatoStuff probably why it is not working.
@NeatoStuff are you using the numbers on the side of your keyboard?
@NeatoStuff press ALT then 3
anyone need a banner?
I had my biggest day on etsy today! Woohoo! 9 Sales!!!!
Check out our new digital collage sheets!
Anybody need any graphics made especially for them?
@KirtsyNews That's insurance irony!!
@jelene Aren't all credit report commercials really annoying???
I have nothing to twitter about =( give me something!
Working on a blogspot template. Watching tv and playing with the little kittens. Really delicious bread in a jar awaits you!
@stoopidgerl Lol, AGREED!
I wish I could read these tweets that are in chinese/japanese! O.o
@TenDigitGifts Thanks for looking and your opinion!
Listed a holiday themed etsy set. Please check it out and tell me what you think?
@Leahkl No, I LOVE it! It's so adorable! Going to favorite right now!!!

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