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"Diabetes is common, but its treatment is complicated." @NutritionJill addresses the need to individualize treatment http://t.co/VrDyrkjfhs
How will you make this summer memorable? What’s on your season bucket list?
Kids love little food! Craft tiny cucumber hummus sandwiches for a healthy start to the afternoon: http://t.co/75H9hFj3jq
RT @HarvardHlthBks: Thanks @DiabeticLiving for featuring #TheDiabetesBreakthrough in your fall issue! #Diabetes http://t.co/IqU7X1DfL2
Be salad bar savvy. Simple ways you can conquer the lunch line: http://t.co/grU1p6OPb3
Have you joined #DSMA chat? @Sixuntilme has a great recap on what the #DOC wants to talk about: http://t.co/nRWpOVmH1t
A party without cake is just a meeting. Good thing we’ve got our favorite cake recipes.Hooray! http://t.co/pq2BHjbIZI http://t.co/diFGlr1upK
On @DiabetesMine : These teens are taking a hike...221 miles to be exact all in the name of #diabetes: http://t.co/uXzXFh0Z9S
Wishing you a worry-free vacation! Our tips for traveling with #diabetes this summer: http://t.co/gyqO4lbrjX
RT @Clark_Dawson: I love my @DiabeticLiving magazine. #Nachos on the cover of the Fall edition. #myfavorite
Stock up on strawberries, before they’re all gone! We collected our favorite strawberry recipes all in one place: http://t.co/fb0c51ABHU
Great greens! @NutritionJill teaches you how you can fill your plate with powerful #diabetes friendly foods: http://t.co/8rvTepj2jz
RT @HopeWarshaw: In the mall,need a break from shopping? Here’s what to eat at the food court on @DiabeticLiving: http://t.co/CNeKoNLmRx
It’s blood glucose Wed. Please share your BG #bgnow at Facebook: http://t.co/jtvjrUarBX. Let us know how you’re feeling. Support other PWD.
Whipping up a pasta salad is a picnic classic. For a healthier take, test out our recipes for your next gathering: http://t.co/sITvaCgpii
We know you’ve heard how healthy kale is, but do you know how to use it in your own kitchen? Try these recipes: http://t.co/rZy0kdwIHP
Sure, you can make hamburgers but what else can you do with ground beef on the grill? We have your go-to guide: http://t.co/j0fF2aOqiq
It’s National Culinary Arts month! What’s your favorite kitchen memory?
Party trick: use bite sized peppers to hold appetizers! These are paired with BBQ chicken: http://t.co/mJ6p0LnaIM
Have you tried a tomatillo? Here’s how to turn those tiny green orbs into salsa! http://t.co/2pbhX0OcdP

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