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7 ingredients to get to a dinner you love. Start with these easy peanut-sauce beef skewers: http://t.co/4OnkHu2S3q
Have questions about your blood sugar? Watch these videos on A1C and more: http://t.co/dUwaA3Lilq
Happy birthday to…you? Your sister?There’s always a birthday right around the corner. Keep these cake recipes on hand http://t.co/gC67pQsW6D
Packing for a picnic or a potluck? Let us do the planning for you with our top potluck recipes: http://t.co/D1SUUyojvh
Support #DiabetesEd4All ! Please tweet your federal reps & senators. Find your’s here: http://t.co/3uu53aQsxw
It’s blood glucose Wed. Please share your BG #bgnow at Facebook: http://t.co/jtvjrUarBX. Let us know how you’re feeling. Support other PWD.
Glucose testing via your earlobe? You heard us right! Get details from @diabetesmine: http://t.co/dL8F5fRZex
Why not try a new grain this week? See what @gscalpird_cde recommends: http://t.co/jMErW3huF7
Be part of our Diabetic Living community by checking out our ‘people like me’ page. Read their inspiring stories: http://t.co/4FXCg8wxfa
Have you seen our new videos? Browse our type 1 #diabetes video library: http://t.co/ayLSdg26lE
We love the smell and taste of a zingy lemon! Here are lemon recipes we know you’ll love: http://t.co/qzRl1hKVSr
The top 10 healthy foods you and your family should be eating this season: http://t.co/ANTpI8d5m0
Do you binge watch TV shows on Netflix and lose track of time? Why you need to stay alert! Via @sixuntilme http://t.co/MPV66AyUmo
What’s one question you wish you had an answer to about living with #diabetes?
Cheese and pasta…not just for kids! We lightened up a 3-cheese manicotti to make it #diabetes friendly: http://t.co/4GYjqXaeiA
Tx @PHAnews for suggesting @DiabeticLiving recipe for Garlic Cashew Chicken Casserole: http://t.co/mldFatQhY5 via
Tx for including! RT @khurtwilliams: The "D" List is out! http://t.co/izcjv6GkSD Stories via @DiabeticLiving
And tx for sweet tweet! @iHealthLab: Thank you @DiabeticLiving for providing so much great content about living #healthy
Tx @novonordiskus for RT: Check out @DiabeticLiving’s list of best #diabetes-friendly recipes for #spring http://t.co/kosrRk5P58
Have questions about your blood sugar? Watch these videos on A1C and more: http://t.co/diDbXHgIbi

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