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Eat your favorite foods last for a more satisfied holiday meal. - @DrSusanAlbers
A healthy recipe make over for tonight: try this lentil shepherd’s pie: http://t.co/XgWxNLY2p4
Set a limit on the number of appetizers you’ll eat before you get to the party. - Katie Rickel
JAMA study shows metformin is safest 1st-line therapy for T2 #diabetes @diatribenews http://t.co/YEDbFui1yF
Diabetes friendly cookies and bars recipes for a dessert bite in front of the fire: http://t.co/lIU6F6Ihg0
Disguise your non-alcoholic drink. Add club soda with citrus to skip the alcohol without the family pressure. - @TheSusieGarcia
Need gluten-free recipe ideas for the holidays for your gluten intolerant visitors? Done! http://t.co/sNcVrMp5eR
You’re not alone. Connect and learn about others living with #diabetes: http://t.co/0usFjZrc5z
Save room on your holiday plate for protein to feel satisfied. - @DrBarrySears http://t.co/qihWKZT6WE
It’s blood glucose Wed. Please share your BG #bgnow at Facebook: http://t.co/jtvjrUJ5M1. Let us know how you’re feeling. Support other PWD.
“Health is the first wealth.” See what @RevRunWisdom has to say about #diabetes in our winter magazine issue.
Replace comfort eating with something else you enjoy, like a self massage! - @DrSusanAlbers
Sneak peek! Get your hands on our special issue December 31st! It's the perfect gift to YOU and your health. http://t.co/FBLenUPn37
It’s hard to believe it’s almost 2015! Here’s a round up of 2014 on @diatribenews http://t.co/KxNdSKOR2d
What’s your healthy focus of the week?
@DawnZierNTRI We thought so too! Very interesting and personal!
Want to get one of our weekly diabetes e-newsletters? Sign up to get it in your inbox each week: http://t.co/k4yCGL6Aih
Host an active get together with the family. Try a holiday 5k! - Katie Rickel http://t.co/PtPufO7eOT
Winter issue tip: NEVER split pills to save money on medications. It can create uneven dosages.
Keep your carbs steady. Don’t save them up for a big meal binge! - @NutriFocus http://t.co/Lteh1p8nJs

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