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Do you really account for every morsel you eat? Read about food dairies and honesty @TheT2Experience: http://t.co/if7hvWDWch
Cook once, eat for a week. Setting aside 1 hour or so for meal prep can make the rest of the week a food prep breeze: http://t.co/JeG3w7wpIk
Want to buy a Fitbit? See reviews by #PWD on @DiabetesMine: http://t.co/tVT3hYEXN1
Is @TCOYD Taking Control of Your #Diabetes coming to your town? Register to learn, get motivated. More: http://t.co/63dsmLxKBR
You keep hearing about kale, but where to begin? We’ve rounded up healthy and delicious recipes. Ready, set, chop! http://t.co/Y1vHfbZI9m
Virtual care and robo-docs? Is this the future of healthcare? Now read this from @diatribenews: http://t.co/aDTh6jsQzu @aadediabetes
Losing weight doesn’t have to be about eating less. See how you can eat more AND lose more: http://t.co/8To1rrHeTS http://t.co/9scDxwdmiK
It’s blood glucose Wed. Please share your BG #bgnow at Facebook: http://t.co/jtvjrUruDX. Let us know how you’re feeling. Support other PWD.
@rao_nithya Great! Portabella mushroom pizza sounds like a delicious win to us.
Have you heard about #Diabetes Un-Conference? It's the first peer-peer support conference! Learn more on @sixuntilme http://t.co/ayZ5OVQHs8
It’s not quite Thanksgiving season, but we can still gobble up turkey! See how to BBQ it for football season: http://t.co/Qg2Pqi1icd
Stuffed mushrooms got a facelift! Make these neat and tidy Greek seasoned stuffed mushrooms for your next party. http://t.co/pNtX3IBbMF
Did you miss @sierra_anne93 on @DrOz ?Watch it here! #ShowMeYourPump https://t.co/JnqUEAYOxX
On @MyGlu: What you didn't know about CGM in the Cloud & the Facebook page you SHOULD know about: http://t.co/7QrzqFfxAW
Deep breaths because this recipe will take your breath away when we show you:Make your own healthy ice cream at home: http://t.co/knnTP0JPF7
@mydiabetes365 Thanks for sharing our cake recipes! Always something to celebrate in life!
RT @ACCESSHealth: #Diabetic rice #recipes that help maintain blood sugar levels, via @DiabeticLiving http://t.co/fpiKinIhow
Healthy burgers and mouthwatering sandwiches. Nothing better than firing up these up on the grill for dinner: http://t.co/umyyCvVNkU
Slow cookers might just be one of the best kitchen tools ever. See how to make soup in them! http://t.co/BoastvKaf4
You may be a PWD, but that doesn’t mean you can never have sweets again! See some smart options: http://t.co/iMUUUMlR2l

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