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High in fiber, high in yum! Maple and apples get cozy with French toast: http://t.co/BEzOstHyu1
When’s the last time you had a yummy pork roast? Pair it with apples and carrots to make a memorable meal: http://t.co/wJHFsCfllU
@med_id_fashions Great tip! Medical ID bracelets (or tattoos like we've seen recently!) can save lives.
@diabetic_t1 100%- think positive and we love the #DOC!
RT @lorenadrago: @DiabeticLiving don't try to learn everything all @ once. Master one area @ a time.You don't have to b perfect all the time
YES! Thanks @bdctrans for sharing your words of wisdom. What a great perspective. #Diabetes
@TexasCorn We could go for some of those chicken and cornmeal dumplings right now. Thanks for sharing our recipe!
@ArdensDay Thanks for sharing your blurb in our Winter issue! Happy Holidays!
RT @ArdensDay: There is a great little piece about Arden's Day in the Winter edition of Diabetic Living magazine.
@GreenBoxFoods Thanks for sharing our Thanksgiving side dishes that are #diabetes friendly! Happy holidays.
It’s tempting to take shortcuts to save money but avoid sharing medications or skipping doses! Learn more in our winter issue.
Breakfast on the go? Wrap it up like a burrito! http://t.co/gyEHCAWOev
Public germ carriers: playgrounds, phones, ATM’s, elevator buttons and shopping carts. Wash your hands to stay healthy!
You’re not alone. Connect and learn about others living with #diabetes : http://t.co/0usFjZrc5z
Dinner with the touch of a button. See how slow cooker soups could revolutionize your dinner: http://t.co/BlS6Yedilj
If you could share a few words of wisdom with someone newly diagnosed with #diabetes, what would they be?
TY for sharing RT @mydiabetes365: Scrumptious diabetic side dishes for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday! http://t.co/jhjWsaqxMn @DiabeticLiving
“Health is the first wealth.” See what @RevRunWisdom has to say about his #diabetes and yours.
It’s blood glucose Wed. Please share your BG #bgnow at Facebook: http://t.co/jtvjrUJ5M1. Let us know how you’re feeling. Support other PWD.
Be detective for hidden grams of carb. Look extra close on labels for BBQ sauce, fat free salad dressing and sugar free pudding.

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