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@LarryMadowo Where do we get the money to spend in mall n hospitals wtht industries?.. Sic!!
James Aggrey ,u inspire the world
Lol,where Iam,no red roses,no red dresses, none knows it's Valentine day..Hullabo just in Nairobi. Malaba/kitale
Gone to the DOgs
Jameni mnataka nifanye nini?
@IsaacRutoGov Emombut Kitiyo..
Konoin is in Konoin I guess
Whtz an excellent project?..
@Ben_Kitilli ,OnPoint,watchn
@KTNNews,CheckPoint OnPoint Kudos @IsaacRutoGava
@citizentvkenya ..Weather ur Jubileean or Nasanian..the knife cuts both sides
@Kaydarn @ntvkenya @WilliamsRuto ..Lol huyu jama wa Ku attend rally na hana kura,sijui nini inaendelea kwa kichwa yake
@RailaOdinga .It's grt bt Man Stevo looks lost!!...Disillusioned... Mmhh!!..ope am wrng..
Phew...@AminaMohammed flops.. Ruto must go!!
@BreakingNewsKE .. Wht he meant, he said..
😂😂😂😈😈😈Hahaha... "DawaYaDeniNiKulipa".. And must u vote him 2017?
@bonifacemwangi @Chamgeifm1 @WilliamsRuto , Let's hope ur nt going to retire...

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perfecting creativity and imagination in dezigns and fashion for the betterment of a new generations Advancement,.be INSPIRED!!

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