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Fun Post Friday. Here is a good laugh just in time for the weekend.
Whats causing the drop in iPad sales?
RT @jwfell: Writing Tips: How to Come Up With 50 Topic Ideas in 30 Minutes
RT @OrgArtCo: Get it Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius
@suzemuse You've made us feel lazy! Lol! Good for you!
@chrisbrogan @SecondFirsts Thanks Chris! Christina I am honored to meet you. Let me know if we can talk offline sometime.
The Mac vs. The PC.
Cars...dream cars... (at @HighMuseumofArt)
What are your thoughts on Amazon's ebook subscription? Will it work?
Need a little laugh this Monday morning?
@The_Open What did that guy yell or do to get ejected?
Check out @chrisbrogan's latest book. It looks like a winner! -
@sanderbiehn @businessradiox Always enjoy our repartee on the air and off. #30yearpaycheck
@DonRidenour Thanks for the kind words! #memories
Fun Post Friday. Why are you still clinging on?
What's the best Visual Social Marketing for your Brand?
Who Won the Social Game during the World Cup?
How Secure is your Computer?
Throwback Thursday-A look at the first Wall Street Journal.
What reading level are your Tweets?

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