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RT @Lady_DJP: #WeLoveLondon #WeStandTogether
Donald Trump postpones state visit to Britain until October amid fears he will create 'a scene' - The Telegraph
Revealed: how US billionaire helped to back #Brexit - the guardian
Lord Heseltine to head #Tory rebellion against PM on #Brexit - Sky News
RT @Remoaniac: Good luck #GinaMiller - there are millions of people supporting you who are grateful no matter what the outcome #ThankYou We…
@SerenaCCross hello! How are you?
I've decided to support because I want to do something to make our politics better. Please join me
RT @Remoaniac: A #True #Halloween #Tory #BeAfraid be very afraid.. #BrexitMeansBrexit #HappyHalloween
RT @Remoaniac: Quote for #Today #Remain #BrexitReality
RT @Remoaniac: I'm being stripped of my citizenship – along with 65 million other Britons | David Shariatmadari
RT @drjezphillips: A message for Theresa May #proudcitizenoftheworld
RT @DavidAllenGreen: In the absence of a functioning Labour Party, the official opposition in the UK will have to be constituted by the wal…
RT @DavidAllenGreen: Every city and every market town, and every port and every university town, has been based on migration. Migration is…
@faisalislam @theresa_may so what does that make Brexit mean? Eating cake?
RT @Sathnam: Brexit Britain: where we throw out highly-trained individuals who have literally saved our lives. Beyond depressing. https://t…
RT @RCorbettMEP: #bbcsp @afneil The "GreatRepealBill" announcement is to get #TheresaMay thru party conference,avoiding key choices https:…
RT @Scientists4EU: UK government strategy...
Please sign this petition - UK government - guarantee EU citizens right to remain in the UK: via @LibDems
@DavidAllenGreen Have a great weekend and thanks for coming back - we missed you

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