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Mozilla's UX presentation mockups for Firefox. A direction closer the the look of Google Chrome.
Contrast Rebellion - to hell with low-contrast fonts!
Are secondary market-spaces good for tech-centric startups? The New York Times & Twitter offer some opinions:
#Confirmed: Apple will construct a dazzling new  Store smack in the middle of NY's Grand Central Station! Read more —
Graph of how long it took Google+, Twitter, and Facebook to reach 10 million users
How OSX Lion can improve your UI design:
Visualize your web page's DOM in 3D
OSX Lion comes out tomorrow.
Finally Spotify is here! Oh wait... not in Canada, only US.
A great article on why Helvetica is a well-crafted typeface & why Comic Sans—well—just isn't:
Copy first, innovate second?
RT @Pixelvetica: Poll: would you attend a free, not-for-profit design conference? Let us know your thoughts! (feel ...
Designers & developers alike might enjoy our droll little Error 404 page:
Interesting startup ideas:
Joseph Smarr from the Google+ team answers some interesting questions about the launch so far
We hired a voice actress for our new call reception system! You can preview it: call +1 (604) 200-0524 or visit
Firefox 8 is 20% faster than Firefox 5, matches Chrome 14. Version number inflation?
According to software guru John Carmack, mobile devices will be as powerful as today's consoles within ~2 years. Vide:
Youtube ups video limit to 10 hours and all we have is this:
See what kind of technology is used in your favorite websites

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