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How are #AI, social science, and social physics impacting businesses? Watch our latest video series:
Is it possible for #AI to replace your #HR department?
#PeopleAnalytics: Gaining speed. Learn more about this trend from Deloitte's 2016 #HCTrends:
Companies can use #bigdata to make better decisions on the cultural level. Watch the video:
Analytics in #HR gains momentum as companies hire data crunchers and develop #analytics-based models. #HCTrends
How do #culture and #engagement connect to drive strategy? Join us in Atlanta on 1/26 to learn more:
Explore three principles to help your company improve its #HR goals for hiring, engagement, retention.
Steps companies can take to begin leveraging #PeopleAnalytics in their #HR functions. via @DU_Press #HCTrends
IRS extends deadline for providing Affordable Care Act information reporting statements to individuals
What is computational social science, & how is it different from the traditional view of #AI?
Join @Josh_Bersin for a breakfast to discuss #culture and #employeeengagement in Atlanta on 1/26. Register:
Moving out of neutral gear, #PeopleAnalytics are set to inform management, business, and HR decisions. #HCTrends
The inclusion of automation and #AI will have a broad impact on business, but can they replace #HR?
No longer in neutral gear: The use of #analytics in #HR is all set for a major leap forward in 2016. #HCTrends
How do #culture and #engagement connect to drive strategy? Join us in Atlanta on 1/26 to learn more:
Making decisions in a group? Learn how #peopleanalytics can help create better ideas.
What happens when #HR starts viewing the world in terms of how humans react and human motivation?
Join @Josh_Bersin on 1/26 in Atlanta for breakfast to discuss #culture & #employeeengagement.
Read our latest blog to find out what is both a major disruption and a substantial opportunity for #HR.
Moving HR to the #cloud? Use the opportunity to transform the #HR customer experience at the same time. #HRTimesblog

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