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@ra6bit read-only bookmarks for existing users, active accounts for teachers and students
An announcement about the long-term future of Delicious: starting this fall, the site will offer free bookmarking to K-12 teachers worldwide
The site should finally be stable and running (in read-only mode) again. Apologies to everyone who had to endure server failures!
@jackboot7 I recommend Pinboard:
@lalonde @Pinboard I hope my consciousness is inside the SuperServer box. It's hard to tell from here, but I do hope that I am Super.
It's always weird to contemplate your own physical reality.
@WoodLloydWood @Pinboard I'm confused, can you restate your question/comment? Are you suggesting a correction to th…
@WoodLloydWood @Pinboard Yes, the Symfony framework (as linked from that phrase) - "Symfony is aimed at building ro…
@joshu Ha true! No takers yet, even with the gloriousness of no review from PR or legal...
And the Soul of a New Machine by Tracy Kidder (1981, is the classic hardware story for good reasons - read it too!
I also recommend The Eudaemonic Pie by Thomas A. Bass (1985,, an exciting story about a difficult hardware project.
Write them down, even if you can't publish them since they're too fresh, and save them for ten years from now and check again if you can.
If you like software stories, go read - the Folklore site is wonderful and inspiring. Pleas…
@waxpancake Aw thank you! It's pretty fun.
If you worked on Delicious in any era and you're interested in writing a post or two with me, DM me! I'd love to include more perspectives.
The April Fool’s joke that caused data migration headaches: - the story of color bookmarks,…
RT @Pinboard: The @verge interviews Britta and me about fandom and buying back @delicious
@jchawaii50 @Pinboard Or a simpler version: log in and try going to
@jchawaii50 @Pinboard It should be working - what happens when you try typing that settings address into the URL? D…
The story of how Reddit was inspired by the Delicious Popular page back in 2005:

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