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@TheNarducci Good times but I'm ready for some Colorado :-)
Dude just walked into Starbucks asking for a hot pretzel - what rock have you been under?
A great quick economics lesson http://t.co/vlK6Aeo1
I do love my country and the resilience of her people. http://t.co/kVPX6rw8
Enjoying some Rockefeller Center tonight with my MEDSEND friends. http://t.co/Km7zbUZI
Thankful today for the efficiency of our US postal service - too bad more things aren't run by the government.
I hope to share the vision what this nation used to be someday with my kids. I do love the idea of what America was meant to be.
I might bleed blue the rest of the year #UKCoachCalipari but today I'm all red #Romney.
I thought she works for the American people #debate
Keep teaching economics 101 Mitt! #Debate
RT @ryanagriffin: Where would we be if we all had to compete for our job every four years? #hardersmarterworkers
I think we misunderstand the difference in "we" and the "private sector" creating jobs #debate
I just lost 90 minutes of my life
RT @KarlRove: I miss Jim Lehrer. @NewsHour #debate
RT @docleland: Really glad there is one of these VP debates. This is irritating.
RT @Greenmarketguy: Why do I feel that Joe Biden is going to blurt out...."You can't handle the truth!" #VPDebate #vpdebate2012
Stoked for the VP debate!
“@wbgreer: @DecNorth Thankful for good students who care about their country's future!” I'm certainly not giving up!
@ryanagriffin we have a great 5,000 year old economic plan that's perfect, moral, and effective :-)
@ryanagriffin @carriekintz think I'd miss out on this!

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