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RT @CHRISVOSS: Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands. Clint Eastwood
I find I work better when I work to a system that way I dont forget to do stuff
Busy creating new business documents restructuring some business systems.
Many people think this time of year is a bad time to sort your debt problems dont bury your head get it sorted and feel better at Christmas
There are good debt resolution companies and bad just remember you can shop around and get a good deal and good advice
Debt management companies have been getting a bad press recently without them were would you go CAB cant cope CCCS cant cope
In debt start to pull yourself out get a handle on things time to move up you can do it and if you need help there is plenty available
Well we have a royal wedding to look forward to we need a bit of fun and excitement in the uk we have been speaking doom and gloom too long
i`m amazed so many people think they have debt problems when they dont really the problem they do have is budgeting get this right youre OK
Just put a new post on my blog Check it fancy stuff just real debt advice
Debt Management how too`s:
Wet and windy Monday morning had a great weekend in the wilds of Derbyshire ready for work now
So many debt collectors ignoring the law ringing clients at inappropriate times and contacting them at work its just not acceptable
call today from a client who is being harrased by a creditor so will have to write and explain the law relating to harrasment of a debtor
Not many tweets just lately I have been too busy with clients got a few minutes now before next appointment
Lots of people responding to our advert on Radio Trent and all getting free advice keeping me busy
Did anybody really think Pay Pal worked for nothing like all the so called charity debt management companies they just hide their charges
Monday busy so far and expect a busy week ahead been talking about Pay Pal pulling out of poss CAB deal my view not enough money for them
Payment Protection Claim & Debt Management:
dont save at next to nothing interest rates pay off your big interest debts first

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