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Dean Spasser – Nothing better than great music on a top notch stereo!
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Dean Spasser – Ran into some friends that I hadn’t seen in years from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.
Dean Spasser – Favorite authors! Sidney Sheldon and Stephen King
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Dean Spasser – So disappointed in Cardinals this year…
Dean Spasser – Saw a beautiful barn and palomino horse this morning. Really miss riding horses.
Dean Spasser – WAH jobs = self-employment. Tax forms to file, offices to set up - more difficult than people expect.
Spasser – WAH jobs are a great choice for some, but aren’t for every one.
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Dean Spasser – if you’re thinking about working from home - be cautious about the information that is out there!
Dean Spasser – grateful for the opportunity to work from home
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Dean Spasser – Thinking about salty and sweet snacks… but not going to indulge!
Dean Spasser supports the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army
Dean Spasser – I need to work out extra tonight.
Dean Spasser – Too much hype to get the consumer’s attention can make a great idea look like another “As Seen On TV” trinket
Dean Spasser – It would be fun to enter my daughter in a cutest kid contest somewhere.
Dean Spasser is reading a great book this week.
Dean Spasser – St. Louis has amazing architecture in Lafayette square.

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