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@autumnzephyr working on it! thanks for the boost :-) https://t.co/Rz1RKM4INu
@DavidChalmers7 that's awesome! hope you're having a wonderful time
@DavidChalmers7 remember, remember the 5th of November!
yay! spotify family plan is finally available in Canada
How long does it take to write a novel? https://t.co/MHdkvXKLGk
RT @ChuckWendig: RIP, Headphone Jack #Apple #iPhone7 https://t.co/Q325eyUQsh
@onlyliloleme I never put mine down :)
@thewritermama congrats!
just finished helping jane get her art online 8 wks ago and now she's nearly sold out. https://t.co/k2PeJ4afaA getting hard to keep up! lol
RT @GaryLoper: There is more happiness in Retweeting than tweeting your self-promos
for these times, they haven't stopped a-changing https://t.co/KlOaP3RKUv
@autumnzephyr ouch who did you hit?
Mercenaries Just Attacked Dakota Pipeline Protesters with Dogs & Pepper Spray (VIDEO) https://t.co/iV6VgZVWC4
Politics, art, philosophy. Everything has been reduced, encapsulated and repeated. Everything is a meme.
new phone this week. didn't even install Twitter. are you on snapchat? you can find me there (david.weedmark)
The ultimate tech wearable? Computerized lens implants from Google. https://t.co/ox5og0B5QG
Is your bathroom ready for an app-enabled smart mirror? Here's where to start https://t.co/JsVTyk5oQl
Just started @codewars! Come join me #codewarriors! https://t.co/aTFQoa8iZo
@tylermcginnis33 well, thank you! I wish I went through your course weeks ago!
Looking for React resources? By far,m the single way to start in react.js is https://t.co/NwOGmKCemB by @tylermcginnis33

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Acclaimed poet & novelist with a penchant for dark roast coffee; passionately curious. Latest book: The Tanglewood Murders now in stores near you.

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