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Why DNA Evidence Can Be Unreliable https://t.co/ut0yyR3cyY
Artificial Intelligence Is Coming To Police Bodycams, Raising Privacy Concerns https://t.co/dzbwW19j9c
Groups begin bailing out strangers to free poor from jail https://t.co/5Bscb6zK3Y
Violent Crime Is On the Rise in U.S. Cities https://t.co/o73tE0Tm31
New gun cameras offer a 'cops-eye' view of policing https://t.co/IND7oKmMf9
States are raising age for adult prosecution back to 18 https://t.co/uHEWDErOSA
Supreme Court to Hear Case About Party in Vacant DC House https://t.co/WwVBRdcn8G
Parent in Prison: How to Protect the Well-Being of the Child https://t.co/Ftq9sYfYg5
Drunk driving rate falls to new low, federal data shows https://t.co/K60qx0hJt6
DNA Upon Arrest: Solving Cold Cases or Presuming Guilt? https://t.co/e0Cuj8apRK
Gun Violence Should Be Treated As A Public Health Crisis, Study Says https://t.co/I5fbG42d3z
New Justice Department guidelines aim to ensure reliability of photo arrays to ID suspects https://t.co/f71NJgV38X
U.S. imprisonment rate falls to lowest since 1997: Justice Department https://t.co/70JbMHt08b
Police ask Alexa: Who dunnit? https://t.co/4xr2diwtOf
Murders Up in U.S. Cities–But Crime Rate Still Near Record Lows https://t.co/VNknrFniTO
Obama grants 78 pardons and 153 commutations, setting one-day record https://t.co/x18T4MvlQa
Does prosecution's failure to disclose evidence of another suspect demand reversal? SCOTUS to decide https://t.co/fYc6tMIkAi
After a Crime, the Price of a Second Chance https://t.co/EMeVM3o6Ia
Signed Out Of Prison But Not Signed Up For Health Insurance https://t.co/8LSLR2d0DA
Supreme Court accepts police shooting case involving 9th Circuit's 'provocation rule' https://t.co/QtLqjipvd2

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