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@th14Renato 100% without a doubt.
@rioferdy5 @ManUtd @Cristiano @WayneRooney Well that finished that chat.... Lol
@FTR90_Memz Can't stand seeing this guy's face... Makes me rage 🖕
@FTR90_Memz Kos would start for City. But that's it. The rest, not a chance...
@talkSPORTDrive It's not for a lot of people by the looks of things.... Ps, your put down of the invincibles was r… https://t.co/AJucnQM5xW
@FTR90_Memz Yes, simply because Alexis doesn't want to stay.
@LeGrove Old flame.... Fancied him, didn't get him... So go again.... 👊
@ArsenalFanTV Only if we bring in a new one...
@Jakehall01 Why, you getting into cricket lad?? the
@samuelJayC I don't believe him...
@talkSPORTDrive Let's do it properly... Is talksportDrive still a big show?
@talkSPORTDrive Is talksportDrive still a big show???
@talkSPORTDrive There is not myth, just fact. The fact being we went undefeated all season.
@IamRealSOK @ArsenalReport We have a difference of opinion... For me VVD would be an improvement, end of story. Wha… https://t.co/CLxJRJdF7z
@IamRealSOK @ArsenalReport I'm an Arsenal fan & proud of it. But my head isn't in the sand when it comes to the tea… https://t.co/e1dF4QKM2u
@IamRealSOK @ArsenalReport Holding looks good, for the limited time we have seen him, needs time to get to top level...
@IamRealSOK @ArsenalReport Mustafi has had 1 season so the jury is still out on him long-term...
@IamRealSOK @ArsenalReport Kos is aging and all though his career has made bad, point costing mistakes....
@ArsenalReport Kos has a costly mistake in him, Mustafi still has all to prove & Rob is learning his trade. VVD wou… https://t.co/Q4aXodKnuU

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I want to say something positive, but right now, im struggling.... #arsenal #afc #goonerfamily

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