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Twitter, who can connect me with Bonnie Tiburzi Caputo, first-ever female airline pilot for @AmericanAir? Want to invite her to @rolemodels.
@ChelseaSEngberg Hi Chelsea, trying to contact Bonnie Tiburzi for a podcast on female role models that I host and p… https://t.co/xXOpd0misM
Instead of agreeing to go on an all-male panel at a conference, men should suggest a female speaker. https://t.co/K7pD25zdKY
Having dealt with depression, I appreciate @jerrycolonna and @LaurieSegallCNN talking about mental health issues https://t.co/j6WM41N0mJ
@AlyssaMastro44 Hi Alyssa, any chance we could connect about a podcast I am hosting called Role Models? Would love to invite you as a guest.
@qiqing @SoundCloud @Cloudflare Best bet is to check with @mr_ericslau
RT @swissmiss: Help people make their projects better instead of just hating on them. Help build versus destroy.
@AnoushehAnsari Apr 28-30? I'll be in NY too. Would you have time then? Enjoy India.
@AnoushehAnsari I saw you'll be in NYC on Friday and I am in the city too for a short time. Would love to capture a… https://t.co/371ijXkuYn
@AnoushehAnsari Hi! May I contact you about a podcast called Role Models that I host, conversations with women leaders who inspire us?
@Anthony Season 3 of Fargo just started and first episode is 👌🏼
“I’m a woman in tech, and this is what I want in a company” by @LeighaNotLeia https://t.co/tusXafPeyK
RT @eqx1979: Doves: most underrated band or most underrated band?
RT @isasun: Danke liebe @fraeulein_tessa für das tolle Gespräch 😘💪! Großer Fan von @EditionF_com, denn auch ihr beweist Mut mit der #female…
RT @isasun: Thank you @coletteballou for sharing your fascinating story during Edition Fourteen of @rolemodels. So much wisdom & humor! #ro…
Tomorrow in Berlin, go listen to @coletteballou's story and the lessons she's learned over the course of her career. https://t.co/0ipAJmTobT
This Wednesday in Berlin: @coletteballou and @isasun in a conversation for @rolemodels Edition Fourteen https://t.co/0ipAJmTobT
@evernotehelps Thanks! MacOS 10.11.6 and Evernote 6.11. Yes I saw a red excl mark on the sync icon and clicking it… https://t.co/8iWeUZKMTO
@evernotehelps Hi, my Mac app doesn't sync my notes. Have tried all help center troubleshooting tips and only have one device connected.
Excited to have my friend @coletteballou join us on the #rolemodels stage to share her story. https://t.co/RruEOVrRr0

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