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It's not a successful trip unless there's documented street art. #Bangkok #streetart #graffiti… http://t.co/KNNKwKZuoP
Played two hockey games against teams from Russia here in Bangkok at the Land of Smiles tournament… http://t.co/cQhrujoc5v
What the heck? #meateggsoup #Bangkok @ CentralPlaza Grand Rama IX http://t.co/xaQ0jATLTc
Tuesday afternoon here in BKK. @ Rembrandt Hotel & Towers, Bangkok http://t.co/1oHEYyjcNu
Brand New: New Logos for Tennessee Smokies by Studio Simon: http://t.co/itJ5bK8Ky6 Love this, great work @studiosimon
This up to code?!? Looks like the Cable Guy came through and had a bad day. #bangkok #BKK @ Little Italy http://t.co/pkYdPZkIfa
Sun glinting through the clouds out of Tai Pei into Bangkok. #nofilter With seddie98 and TZ @ แยกอโศก… http://t.co/214YXe6C6v
How disturbing is this?!? Woke up in the middle of my transpacific flight to glimpse our fearless Chetter hockey... http://t.co/yqzeIWNL6e
Headed with these two clowns to a hockey tourney in BKK #wanderlusttourstartsagain #goteamslovakia @… http://t.co/0HZnT5k9dL
Now that's a chandelier. #brokenbells #orpheum http://t.co/7R5Xl2DznM
Just posted a photo http://t.co/XKDTKI50vM
@mikejvaughn Just OH in the office: "Glitter is the herpes of crafts supplies. There's just no getting rid of it."
Five rules for designing a great logo from Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv:... http://t.co/kGGa3YzFOO
TV on the Radio and Massive Attack at the Santa Barbara Bowl. @ Santa Barbara Bowl http://t.co/FB0R0c2TjF
@gginger5 Thanks! Glad you liked.
Ordering the Cannibal Burger. #Hannibal #hiclarice #chalkboardart @ Not a Burger Stand http://t.co/DNem4QJymD
There’s Something Going On In L.A. http://t.co/hbByyUJpy6 via @techcrunch
@feesheal Drop me a line when the new one is up!
Who willingly takes a weekend trip to Cleveland??
@feesheal Right back at you. Liked your reel...looks promising.

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