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"Knight Vision" Nike's Phil Knight by @BrianGrazer on @LinkedIn https://t.co/7rIsVPHQ2r
Wilmmmmmer!!! Glad we didn't trade that guy.
"The five new rules of work (connectedness will be critical)" by @NaomiSimson on @LinkedIn https://t.co/oma9wq61tA
Hurray! Mork is back. Thanks for beautifying the 'hood, teachr1 #teachr1 #mork #robinwilliams #sunset… https://t.co/Q4GyHtr6RM
Have a weird weekend, everyone. And don't forget to create some art. #dali @ Salvador Dali Museum https://t.co/uc54ktGmIL
Looking up this afternoon at the new Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. #mustache… https://t.co/VG9PATZZjM
Early morning knife fight and I was unarmed. Big props to Dr. Jim Norman and Dr. Lopez and the very… https://t.co/Mh5KjCO4Db
Early morning knife fight and I was unarmed. Big props to Dr. Jim Norman and Dr. Lopez and the very nice crew at... http://t.co/LWTAP54FfI
What Uber Can Teach Us About American Government https://t.co/jdSfAOS62j
Jahnny getting the finger. Attn: Ryan, Mike, Morgan, Zachary, John. http://t.co/91Y8ZzgPtG
Hope they like my tee in Tampa. http://t.co/rLucNSDYrj
The biggest @wrdsmthinla I've seen yet. #wrdsmth #streetart #streetartla #lagraffiti #graffiti… https://t.co/THADKXnLhb
Some ingenious packaging design ideas:... http://t.co/dUuAMEnKN9
Designer Uses Geometric Shapes To Form Striking Portraits Of Iconic Superheroes http://t.co/mx0haKdAhD
I saw someone's inbox the other day that had something like 22,179 unread emails. How does that happen?? http://t.co/AViPFWToK5
‘They're Grreeaat!’: The Enduring Charm of Advertising Characters http://t.co/DV3KYHzsIC Love these books, own them both
“How We Changed the Facebook Friends Icon” by @caitlinwinner https://t.co/cb39ms8uXt
Designers react to new Facebook logo @CreativeBloq http://t.co/3I6VcwNbcj
Cup Champions! Our squad won the 10th Annual July 4th Miyamoto Cup this morning in Simi. #hockey… https://t.co/nyrlvnR7zQ
@mikejvaughn I deny all knowledge!

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Dave runs Zookeeper, a branding company that creates award-winning identities, logos, graphic design, websites, + advertising. http://fb.me/ZookeeperIndustries

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