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"Welcome to the Beautifully Designed, Corporate-Controlled Future Web" by @dylan20 on @LinkedIn https://t.co/RX8FxkO8dN
Shepard Fairey Details How to Start an Art Collection via @highsnobiety http://t.co/SCTufSoBFx
We're on a brief blogging and social media blackout while we work on our positioning and new website...in the... http://t.co/4957nYnDii
@bgappl07 What were we talking about again?
@Gjetting Hey Jon, good to connect. Do you have your own company?
Hawks at Ducks, Game 5. @ Stanley Cup Playoffs At The Honda Center https://t.co/q4RSGtfHeS
Today's book haul, inspired by @i_mdoughboy Thanks for the great business advice! #books #design… https://t.co/yeWPbeHDCG
"Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner's reassuring life advice for struggling artists http://t.co/cEKkbhDbwO
The motorcycles of Mad Max: Fury Road - Album on Imgur http://t.co/dlvNOfyV4L via @imgur
Amazing chalk drawing by one of my favorite LA illustrators nicholasknudson #illustration #art… https://t.co/UGiJRyZZcq
Let's go Hawks. #forgotmyoxygentanks @ Honda Center https://t.co/hsyNRd1Vqf
My Mother, the art history major, would be proud: http://t.co/X0qanIDXtN http://t.co/aBZYW2jKuF
Back in the summer of '82, I was visiting my grandparents in Pennsylvania, and they took me to see E.T. My... http://t.co/HNHDxcCpoL
#AgencyLife – The Big Agency Lie via @mikestopforth http://t.co/dqgo7M9u7f
@mikejvaughn You be nice.
"When you’re the boss, questions are better than orders" by @BrianGrazer on @LinkedIn https://t.co/zesB0mYhN6
Well, ain't that the truth. By @wrdsmthinla #wrdsmth #streetart #streetartla #streetartlosangeles… https://t.co/liTr75Lk12
What happened to Mel Kiper's hair?
Time to get prepped for the Draft tonight: http://t.co/pB4bjkDL7J
@TShirtsAndHats Thanks Michael! Happy Hump Day to you as well.

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Dave runs Zookeeper, a branding company that creates award-winning identities, logos, graphic design, websites, + advertising. http://fb.me/ZookeeperIndustries

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