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@KP_Kelly You bet! How goes the running?
RT @MathysPotestio: First came a round of concepting. @DaveWaite and @StormBreakerPDX landed on a "mythical" looking stormbreaker, wielding…
RT @MathysPotestio: Thanks in part to @DaveWaite's branding work, apparel has become a major source of revenue for @StormBreakerPDX #RUNT
From my talk on branding a brewery in PDX last week: https://t.co/nkcBjsEIFz
LogoLounge has just released their #logo trend report: https://t.co/KZ69co9sgF
Why Your “Risky” Design Isn’t Actually Risky at All https://t.co/zxaZK3FWAS via @AIGAdesign
Shapely Compositions by Graphic Designer Turned Typographical Illustrator Charles Williams https://t.co/j9zzYCTRus
How The 2016 Olympic Logo and Font were Created https://t.co/zDQ0HeKqRi via @99u
From Picasso to Kiko, Through Burle Marx - Print Magazine https://t.co/HhAft0P2s1 via @sharethis
Will Brands Fund the Next Spotlight? via @contently https://t.co/QVcAvv7ZbZ
@tjefford Bearchamp! I like that.
Who's on Behance and Why You Should Be Too - HOW Design https://t.co/o4k4za90IW via @sharethis
Grrr. Boxing Bear from Sunday. #streetart… https://t.co/8FPCr7Gv6W
"'Amazon is not your friend'" by @CFair1 on @LinkedIn https://t.co/KbtLQmzBp0
WOW! Check out @KP_Kelly He's running 100 marathons in 100 days. Impressive. https://t.co/MNxuFwqqWb
Great event by @MathysPotestio last week! https://t.co/UOA6juOYT9
Lovely: Brand New: New Logo for Paris Convention + Visitors Bureau by Graphéine: https://t.co/cqF5rcnjGt
BEER! Brand New: New Logo and Packaging for Itaipava by Futurebrand: https://t.co/5U8NRdSl5D
“The Race for The White House (Logo)” by @hellomondaycom https://t.co/qrJ6nNRUML

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Dave runs Zookeeper, a branding company that creates award-winning identities, logos, graphic design, websites, + advertising. http://fb.me/ZookeeperIndustries

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