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Nobody beats the Wiz. Wait, what? http://t.co/cRBtObTNM1
Goodbye Varna @ Varna Airport http://t.co/EwWvmFc7Qb
I've enjoyed a lovely time here in Varna on the Black Sea over the last 10 days. Unfortunately my… http://t.co/8z6JkkJVJT
No idea who this Stephan fellow is, but I dig his hat. #fez #varna @ Кафе-сладкарница ENDORFINO http://t.co/bQmI0it8yF
Another street art piece from the Port of Varna on the Black Sea. There are many excellent pieces on… http://t.co/EWGcZ4Kq8G
Beautiful Black Sea-themed street art from this morning's run to the Port of Varna. #streetart… http://t.co/xubise3TDP
@bgappl07 Haven't seen Tyrant. Good?
The Grape Kool-Aid mascot turned evil with an exploded face #streetart #streetartvarna… http://t.co/NfDwpZ13ga
The underpasses of the main roads here in Varna are filled with #graffiti and #streetart. Liked the… http://t.co/x091w7Nlbm
A massive monument in the lovely Sea Gardens here in Varna on a stormy day. #brutalism #monument… http://t.co/4fpC0RO8BA
How to Dance Like Future Islands: An Animated Guide - Seeing them Thursday! http://t.co/hT14Ztin3g
Today marks the start of the English Premier League season and lucky for us, we get to see the latest hair trends... http://t.co/5x5cuoB0AG
Sunny, warm day at the beach...tanker ships in the distance on the Black Sea coming into Varna, a very… http://t.co/DPPUT5MeS0
So last Friday, old friend Joe Kozlak and I had been messaging to meet up since he was driving into Berlin from... http://t.co/5V5bdGrh3L
@_hendrika Right? Love Uber. It's amazing in LA
I love the@Uber...have used it in London + Berlin on this trip. Your first ride's free, up to $30: https://t.co/M3A7FugwYD
@thebent You say Speedos like they are a bad thing. It's all about how you fill them out. BTW, the elves are AWESOME guys
@timeforcake Hey Erin! Sorry for the late reply, been in Europe. How are you? And what did you see?
Wanderlust Bible. Highly recommended. #travel #europe http://t.co/My9gXJrXJN
Street art stencil from last night depicting the Bulgarian Prime Minister, who's been accused of… http://t.co/A2zE5VwyWk

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