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Free ebooks, hundreds of 'em, for your iBooks reader on your iPad and Mac system? Here's the scoop: http://t.co/6IRuNx4yeD #BeatsKindle
Are screens messing up your childrens eyes? They sure are, but the reason why is rather surprising: http://t.co/9267Fi4IO2 #parenting #tech
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Lovely view of the Flatirons this morning! #boulder #colorado #landscape #picoftheday http://t.co/0iviVjW0g6
Easy way to redeem Starbucks iOS App cards? http://t.co/FiaWHOK5jk
Enter my giveaway for a Sol Republic Deck Bluetooth Speaker. Easy Twitter-based entry too! http://t.co/EI39Qc8gNU #giveaway #freebie
Full house at the State of the Future Forum here at the DaVinci Institute. With me as emcee and moderator. :-) http://t.co/R8tWelsrrw
Storm clouds over the plains #boulder #colorado #landscape #clouds http://t.co/CNsOeRQZF7
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Wifi in all new Chevrolet cars? Cool idea if you keep in mind that sometimes it's okay to... http://t.co/hHrZDo0CUx http://t.co/miWa7JlvEW
Big handful of spinach + banana + 1/2 cup blueberries + teaspoon of peanut butter + 1% milk + ice cubes -> Ninja blender = morning smoothie!
How do I stop Facebook Video Autoplay? http://t.co/xiiXGJLHUv
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My summer of soccer. Lots of soccer! So far, so good. And BPL is just starting up too. Nice! http://t.co/QbMU5Qipuu #soccer
Listening to an interesting talk on the future of S Korea and Asia from a UN futurist. Cool. http://t.co/UjRQFdjubV
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Find my iPhone can help you locate your stolen gear. But should you try to get it yourself? NO! http://t.co/hCoCNgM7c6 #AbsoluteUncovered
. @ManhattanWGNA Glad to hear that you're sharing the history, not just the dramatization. I'm enjoying the show!

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