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I shall title this "everything but the zombies" #Funny #Zombies #School https://t.co/O94oDPMB5H
Twas the Night(hawk) before… Find out if you’re a holiday expert or a @NETGEAR expert at https://t.co/bA7ngff45B https://t.co/wQLXou4TMF
The simple task of deleting a video from your @YouTube channel is surprisingly tricky: https://t.co/cuPqoEBTZz https://t.co/69N07Cttxu
No, really, I have a life outside of coffee. #funny https://t.co/P5dOjcnUxL
Sunrise over the Flatirons heralds another beautiful day here in #Boulder. #Colorado #landscape #flatirons #sunrise… https://t.co/BYDyPdyHYP
Need a next gen USB car charger + battery? Nomad's got you covered with the RoadTrip: https://t.co/8gLLHSYrcZ https://t.co/G3jSv0Keh8
RT @XoticPC: .@DaveTaylor sits down with our custom @msiUSA GE62 notebook. Check out his full review! https://t.co/oTvG00ze5G https://t.co/…
You're running Ubuntu @Linux -- congratulations! Now check out the games: https://t.co/gdnUu8iDHt #gamers https://t.co/KD1KFElMzN
Hey business folk! Check out the new cybersecurity center from @ATT before you're hacked​: https://t.co/CTt2UWOJML https://t.co/X4R9iV2Qiq
Looking for a screamin' fast overclocked PC laptop? Check out my review of the latest unit from XOTIC PC: https://t.co/kv23EbiePb #gamer
Ever thought about overclocking your PC computer so it'll fly through your toughest tasks? I check out an... https://t.co/HnvDyDuMjs
Don't be a dope around marijuana, learn about life-saving safe storage techniques: https://t.co/zSLrU2oFnj #spon https://t.co/nwTQH6e3X1
Ya know its cold when your downspout is full of ice... #weather #Colorado #Boulder https://t.co/JqA6yrAs49
Dreamed of a screamin' fast Windows laptop? Then you''ll want to watch my review of the overclocked Xotic PC: https://t.co/971DuPOriB
@kegill you might be surprised how much you can do with the built-in screen capture tools on the Mac, Kathy!
If you use Command-Shift-3 on your Mac to capture the entire screen, you're missing out: https://t.co/IzvSsAcITa https://t.co/7WeGHe1pjg
@griffingranberg They're about $95 on Amazon, the "Cold Springs Plus PT Snow Boot", and they're also very comfy... :-)
Thanks to my friends at Rockport for these very nice new waterproof boots. Perfect timing given our weather. Nice, … https://t.co/5cpRvghKq4
Very, very interested in watching this movie, been hoping I'd get a screener! #movies #SteveJobs https://t.co/CMz4Hafbyx
Are you running a 32-bit version of Win10 or a 64-bit version and why 64-bit is better? https://t.co/q4bHiZBUhk https://t.co/V5ziptt5sp

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