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My photos from today's Denver Comic-Con 2015 - "Cosplayers Come Out To Play" https://t.co/eu3ge7LK7i via @ScienceFiction
@MPGomatic We measure them in "dalmations" so that's about a 4-dalmation hailstorm :)
Why yes, we did get a spot of hail as the latest storm cell passed through the neighborhood! #boulder #weather http://t.co/sDodgvr8K1
RT @Raven__White_: My interview with @DaveTaylor of Go Fatherhood blog on #parenting and children's online safety! :) http://t.co/Mn6TLKTC8…
Why I'm enthused about my daughter's new @Crizal -lens prescription glasses, and she is too: http://t.co/XzItOlhTTp http://t.co/w7umMuKtqV
My daughter shows just how to get started with the new Singer Stylist 7258. http://t.co/5ujpnTbJay
The obscure way to send a tweet from your Apple Watch. Turns out it's rather fun... http://t.co/VVp9RCNEbw http://t.co/H04t0figfH
RT @benkendrick: This week’s @denvercritics Review Round-Up: http://t.co/UANUm5itlp with me, @bylisakennedy, @JonathanLack, @DaveTaylor, an…
The terrific Emma Schaefer performing on the teen stage here at the Boulder Creek Festival. #singers http://t.co/bBc1p4ahZP
@barbaraargie34 Well, my 11yo is having fun with the sewing machine itself. Whether she's ready to tackle bigger sewing projects is diff!
@MichaelGlowacki oh, sorry, all my reviews are at http://t.co/YjJZ2UcU1Z including my Tomorrowland review
Some of the many decorative stitches on the slick Singer 7258 Stylist sewing machine. My daughter is suddenly most … http://t.co/dtFdZsoX4T
After much trial and error and some frustration, success with the new Singer Stylist. My daughter is psyched and wa… http://t.co/oWdvS2yaPq
@MichaelGlowacki review of.... What?
RT @cibelesishtar: The Social Media Now Daily is out! http://t.co/u1j5EczohY Stories via @DaveTaylor
The not so obvious way to send a tweet from your Apple Watch. Turns out it's rather fun... http://t.co/VVp9RCNEbw http://t.co/ez03rBbDXT
How do I tweet from my Apple Watch? http://t.co/Jnr0JOcrz2 http://t.co/VpBh3H0OmD
RT @domainME: Interview with @DaveTaylor : #Parenting Digital Natives http://t.co/HRXTc0JsMW
Digging the weather forecast for this holiday weekend that's supposed to mark the beginning of summer. Right? :-) http://t.co/2unQtUebNE
Oy! @embassydavies and @rogbennett, what happens to the Men in Blazers when it's the off-season? Do you both just go into deep freeze? :-)

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