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I'm at East Boulder Recreation Center (EBRC) - @boulderparksrec in Boulder, CO https://t.co/aSKKvQM1T8
Learn about the educational Speedometry physics learning set from Hot Wheels. Really smart: http://t.co/5bLtYyTo4E http://t.co/sWvu3HXhjY
Meet Steven Yuen from @TheWalkingDead when you join me at New Media Expo @NMX! I even have a handy 20% discount code: http://t.co/oiduVsYnjm
RT @HeidiTown: 5 Underrated Sci-Fi Movies To Watch http://t.co/p5LqZ8VMEb via @DaveTaylor // Amen on Gattaca. Loved that #movie!
Hey look, another smartwatch just showed up at our offices! #cogito #wearables http://t.co/zEEX7HE7eQ
Interesting piece on the late-great @AppMeerkat (Meerkat). What's your take on this, @joelcomm? https://t.co/0Ka1I5Vflx
RT @ShermanHu: The Sherman Scrolls is out! http://t.co/1KP0IccWpn Stories via @DaveTaylor @DrewFromTV @bgtennisnation
RT @JaydenLawson: @DaveTaylor twitter power 3.0 arrived! Thanks mate - you're a total legend. Looking forward to reading and reviewing! tks…
Just rewatched "Furious 6" to prepare for Tuesday evening screening of "Furious 7". And it reminded me how daft #6 was. Best in series: #5
RT @joelcomm: The Secret to My Success http://t.co/CpWQX4gMUB
My three cats. In case you're confused, @ChesterCheetah is wearing sunglasses. :-) http://t.co/KlgnPBLdQW
Playing "Pandemic: The Cure". Sheesh, this is a tough scenario to win! We've just lost three games in a row... #gam… http://t.co/stMpyz8A4M
My writeup of AnomalyCon, a fun steampunk-inspired convention this weekend in Denver, CO: http://t.co/E8JHxXcdKq #scifi #steampunk
My list of 5 Great, Underrated Sci-Fi Movies To Watch, and why I want 'em on the big screen: http://t.co/fuHsX8m0Gm via @ScienceFiction
RT @loxly: @Loxly Daily News is out! http://t.co/NEN5Srsksf Stories via @DaveTaylor @bookgoodies @daveoli
Because when I drink strong alcohol I want to go to Death's Door. #funny http://t.co/Xv10xvUCcj
Lunch. If we can get a table... (at @CityOCity in Denver, CO) https://t.co/ieJzNfsSey
I'm at History Colorado Center for 1968: The Year That Rocked History in Denver, CO https://t.co/mFKQmxOWAA
Learn about the educational Speedometry math and physics learning set from Hot Wheels and USC. Really smart. More: http://t.co/5bLtYyTo4E
I'm at Barnes & Noble - @bnbuzz in Boulder, CO https://t.co/NN5BFatkqa

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