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Video Review: HP ElitePad 1000 G2 http://t.co/bAJLFGcAl5
Ready to upgrade to a new iPad? Hold on! Watch my HP ElitePad 1000 G2 video review first: http://t.co/wbogxzCcAj #tablet #win8 #ios8 @hp
This looks interesting, thanks Amazon for the review unit... #kindle http://t.co/a8oAF8ZDOG
I'm at East Boulder Recreation Center (EBRC) - @boulderparksrec in Boulder, CO https://t.co/5qnXaroPjM
Batters eye view of the field. Beautiful. #Rockies @ Coors Field http://t.co/ZhDKDLixsK
Dugout. #Rockies @ Coors Field http://t.co/m1qwmluTFo
New seats all around for next season, 50,000 of them. And the red seats? Those are the Coca-Cola… http://t.co/arLyAEfHRt
Even the field weeps for this years' Rockies season...#baseball @ Coors Field http://t.co/4aVlZAvz0Z
Driving the 2015 Toyota Camry SE. Very nice and some surprisingly stylish lines... ##Camry… http://t.co/ucfAmN7BDn
Not often I get to drive a car with this disclaimer. Nice, a 2015 Yaris. #OneBoldChoice #toyota http://t.co/35WlG4utWU
Coors field in the off season. Quiet. And still no home runs. #Camry #1boldchoice @ Coors Field http://t.co/U9NIOblFXW
2015 Toyota line introduction event (@ Coors Field - @mlb in Denver, CO) https://t.co/A6AmWGfgfP
I'm at Starbucks in Denver, CO https://t.co/BzM2FlTa6G
Better, more restful sleep? Breathe Right = sleep in http://t.co/sxNQUqmzde #BreatheRightSleepIn #DaylightSavings #spon
Thinking about getting an Amazon Fire Phone? You'll definitely want to watch my video review first: http://t.co/DwRi3dKrOU
Dominion marathon w my 10yo! (@ The Goat at the Garage - @thelaughinggoat in Boulder, CO) https://t.co/P3duU5mrpV
Ever thought about the Amazon Fire Phone? I walk you through the key features and talk about why it might... http://t.co/BeY14YoQYt
I'm at Highland City Club in Boulder, CO https://t.co/tLB3AG7BKz
RT @WileyBiz: The WileyBiz Authors Daily is out! http://t.co/EW5zlsSW6j Stories via @DaveTaylor @BrandonSteiner
Stop your Mac and iPad from ringing on incoming calls? http://t.co/Hn476M7PUm

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