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"The kids are alright!" @zephoria knows what she's talking about. ► http://t.co/gNTQzBNIdq http://t.co/JHTLpX0IGu
The more I dig into #Enfold, the more I like it. I know a great theme when I see one. Support is lightning-fast, too. @Kriesi - you rule.
There's at least 1 good news about the new FB page algorithm: no more need to worry about the update frequency. Nobody will witness anyways.
Nokia will be rebranded to Microsoft mobile. And I still miss my Communicator. http://t.co/zbHJYMNvh5
Does Facebook's newsfeed setting "Show latest postings" display *all* updates? http://t.co/KsiidxPQ6j
Manage your energy, manage your time, be unavailable sometimes. And then delegate some. http://t.co/ZUYVLOhL5l #WordsOfBusinessWisdom
RT @pressecitron: The Pirate Bay célèbre ses 10 millions de torrents http://t.co/gyyzEDp6sC
RT @helpstring: Starting Over, Part 2: Launch: Posted by Dr-Pete This post is a part of the "Starting Over" series, the story... http://t.c…
@helpstring Wow, this series is *good*. Should be a must-read for any newbie blogger (instead of listening to @ambuzzador *g*)
@paulcarr @Luca Think I'll shoot a video about 6 incredible uses for sperm. Shoot a video. Haha. Pun intended.
RT @DeniseWakeman: 5 Simple Ways to Get More Plusses and Reshares on Google Plus http://t.co/NbofHqXnEr via @DanielSharkov
8 writing strategies for people who say they can't write ► http://t.co/Mwhnhk4bJR by @CatCliffored (And for those who say they can, too.)
♫ Aphex Twin - Heliosphan ♫ https://t.co/P6CB0HHDL1 #todaystop1
Why is the sky blue? And Facebook too? @LeoWid on marketing colors ► http://t.co/VwCPATcRuh http://t.co/bDDU2NkeCC
What a nice Easter surprise! #GoT didn't pause, which means... now departing for #Westeros.
Financial stats: this month, I spent a lot more money on @codecanyon and @ThemeForest than on #Amazon. It's like playing #Lego, really.
#Instagram just became a lot better. @dChris joined today. Follow him. His pics are awesome. http://t.co/1tIrSVb8f0
@cleeb Yes, it can be done. But I'd rather spend those ressources on #LinkedIn by now.
@GuyKawasaki Eyes that survive a phenol attack? Now I understand why they're not sold in Europe :-)

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