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Happy #Easter to all my beloved tweeps - enjoy the spring and have a great time! #easterbunny http://t.co/mp69Me7cfw
RT @lenadoppel: Brace yourself, HBO. Winter is coming for you.... http://t.co/7tEcBDP56W
@Kriesi Yeah, now you owe me one :-) How about an interview for my blog after the Easter holidays?
@ClaudioXcom Amsterdam is a clear winner. I'm surprised though that Graz didn't make it on this list. #biking
RT @michaelgass: Ad Agencies: 7 tips that will prep social media success for new business http://t.co/Zbvw6Ahz4X
"Twitter agreed to prevent some posts from being seen in Turkey." #national-censorship #WTF? http://t.co/xzsi1qUVbJ
@SlideShare Nice new feature! #slideshare #offline-reading
RT @codedifferent: fixed my iPhone5 lightening problem: made a soft plastic tool & pulled a fluff ball out of the socket http://t.co/k3c2Fu…
@kinseyschofield True. Too weird to make that up.
@Kriesi I luv it more by the minute... 1st impressions review is online: http://t.co/CjgGkOoacN #now-configuring-enfold
@Kriesi No, I don't like it. I luv it. Posting about your masterpiece will be online tonight. #enfold
Find the pink elephant. (Hint: that's why I don't like Tel Aviv Beach.) @ TEL AVIV Beach 2010 http://t.co/ufAWsNRcm9
@Kriesi Yo, I just tried #Enfold for the 1st time. Love it so much, I wanna take it behind my blog and get it pregnant :-) Awesome Work!!!
RT @ManageFlitter: Turn Twitter into a TV remote control with magic #WatchOnSky tweets http://t.co/0jjPiyEmQK
RT @easytouch: Snapchat interview (17:00) https://t.co/TMQ0NQReIE
RT @johannes_mono: Die Gstettensaga got featured on Laughing Squid. http://t.co/Z8HEbMhBkt #monochrom
RT @heinz: "... there are some sets of experiences that are just better with other identities." Zuck dixit. http://t.co/97lds49cHq
RT @codepo8: How the new Android Camera app uses blur to simulate depth-of-field http://t.co/DuJRGd52fR
Facebook list management the way it should have been implemented by FB: http://t.co/zuRCNsNYmx [via @Metacowboy]
Short and concise eplanation of the #heartbleed bug: http://t.co/X4ZrBanw4x Thank you, @xkcdComic

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