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@HDRmeurer Aweber seems to have fallen into a time-space-hole.
Doggie park at #Augarten is completely empty except for this lovely #tpb style #pissjug. Time to head… http://t.co/5NI1TtQZXR
Wolfgang Langenbucher about #lanskygate: "If everything was clean, then why did clients cancel their… http://t.co/H9zHcRsGOR
@pecaducyzevi I'm a online marketing consultant. I already get paid for explaining social media. Much more fun than spamming :-)
I'd really like to take a look at "This" (the new social network). Does anybody have an invite for me? datadirt@gmail.com
"Pissoir dart" is a very popular Sport in Austria. Notice the ridiculously small target section in the… http://t.co/xKzTjviSx4
My first perk from @klout - a 10$ discount for #moocards. Nice. w00t? Only valid for new customers? Thanks for nothing.
After all, trees are only airborne rhizomes. #tree #augarten #vienna #autumn http://t.co/vNo2oG3efk
Sundown at the doggie park. #dogstagram #instadog #pula #vienna #autumn #sunset #danube http://t.co/rUdlaTmr1q
Open thread: can BlackBerry Classic wean Kim Kardashian off her Bold? http://t.co/9CLcFIYg7L
Jerks Like This Make Us Wonder If We Even Deserve Halloween Anymore http://t.co/QCj19yW3FV
Chicago police arrest rapper and 28 others for 'cracking cards' http://t.co/ozuKa4Qqny
Best Facebook practices - how a tourist board is constantly increasing the share rate ► http://t.co/k4y4FUoteL
The 3 Types of Marketing Emails That Nobody Has Opened in Years http://t.co/SEoRG7T0A5
3 Interview Questions for Data Analysts http://t.co/uCEn2pAKD3
How much did you make on #tsu so far? By the end of the year, I should've earned my 1st dollar ► http://t.co/LMDZ8P4BlW
22 Facebook Facts and Statistics You Need To Know Right Now http://t.co/d1sZxkcEy0
How I did on Twitter this month: 12 Mentions, 31.2K Mention Reach, 7 Replies, 38 Retweets. How'd your month go? via http://t.co/58ZqZcigQg
Reddit takes on Kickstarter with crowdfunding site Redditmade http://t.co/lca5WCpmq6
Dear nature vandal: The Web wants you http://t.co/v9ZigxvAbS

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