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RT @djpaisley: @datadirt i break sh#t daily..
Q: And what do you do for a living? A: I violate Facebook's terms on a daily basis.
datenschutzinator in full effect. http://t.co/O9XxKEUdnb
Hound perspective. #instadog #dogstagram #vienna #augarten #fall http://t.co/6isRl8lRKN
RT @MountainDan: Plenty of fresh images from @tcdisrupt @TechCrunch Disrupt London #techcrunchdisrupt https://t.co/Efi4kOHUgo
RT @onewmphoto: Hoax 'Banksy Arrested in London' Story Dupes the Internet Again http://t.co/7mUJhjtzj4 — cc @datenschmutz @datadirt http://…
Autumn 🍂 Pula #instadog #dogstagram http://t.co/kbjZPyGiv5
@onewmphoto @TNROnline I had hoped so! Good to know :-)
RT @onewmphoto: @datenschmutz @datadirt Thankfully @TNROnline is a satirical news site. I did, however, check other sources to make sure st…
RT @datenschmutz: NOOOOO! Banksy has been arrested ► http://t.co/JvhurDpsPq
@luca Muchos! Werd ich gleich mal laufen lassen.
RT @i_am_fabs: The Exercise Cost of Soda and Juice http://t.co/Un33TcBbTm
Is #Ello a liability for brands? Paul Armstrong concludes that brands will again fail solving the respect equation ► http://t.co/p9eoSXaOpe
Start-Up day kick-off: It's a full house! http://t.co/zCmfDjenX6
Shadow selfie http://t.co/4GB1kCqgmZ
@michael_wuerges @NikoAlm @lenadoppel Ja, mein Punkt. Mir widerstrebt's, Eintritt zu zahlen und dann einen Vortrag zu halten :-)
@michael_wuerges @Essl_Museum @NikoAlm @lenadoppel Ja, versteh ich alles. Aber ich verlang auch keinen Unkostenbeitrag für meine Sessions.
@michael_wuerges @Essl_Museum @NikoAlm @lenadoppel Hi, danke für die Einladung, aber für BCs bezahl ich nur als Sponsor. Aus Prinzip.
RT @glcarlstrom: Your John Kerry photo of the day, apparently shooting a hip-hop video before he left Cairo. http://t.co/urKR2jtWtp
Facebook's link cache is a devious devil.

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