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The shitbirds are flying really low today.
#PRVA Social media round table. http://t.co/bWTZ3FlJUB
How inviting! http://t.co/VFA3rUohSi
Tonight I'm trying something new. Via meditation I'll connect with my inner vegan goddess - this 900… http://t.co/xZDCcIvVUs
Weekendism. http://t.co/HHQBiM8pvD
Ingrid brodnig beim #ISPASummit - great talk about online #identities http://t.co/tSedyTR8WT
RT @sambredl: “No place is ever as bad as they tell you it’s going to be.” – Chuck Thompson
@karntna_bua I guess there always was *g*
Answer by @datadirt to Is something rotten in the state of social media? http://t.co/EDx5JqOjeJ
@pyrker You've been followed. http://t.co/ktfnsw66uP
Answer by @datadirt to What is the best (free) Twitter analytics site? http://t.co/0qAYjDmxE7
Blogger relations | Why, when and how guide by @Moz ► http://t.co/O2qP5K4FVz
Blogger outreach demystified - The Why, When and What guide by @Moz ► http://t.co/O2qP5K4FVz
Dear new OMOe [http://t.co/gH1pbIszS5], I'll approve new memberships asap. Currently #LinkedIn is updating the group moderation tools.
Spur Obi 4 - the long-awaited unlocked quadcore Android phone for $299 is out now. First impressions [in German] ► http://t.co/UySxcdoix9
Google authorship - the end of a (short) era ► http://t.co/tNXevh5FAz
Tom Cruise (church of Scientology) at Schwedenplatz. #tomcruise http://t.co/sGRFcAu9dd
wOOt? http://t.co/dozouTHo3c
What's important in life? What does really count? @Oatmeal knows! ► http://t.co/Uw6H77TX2I
3D Printing still years away for mainstream consumers - interesting market analysis by Gartner ► http://t.co/5BA7N0Yrk7

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