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Marketing Day: TweetDeck Sign In Changes, Instagram’s Clickable Carousel Ads & Pinterest To Get Animated Ads http://t.co/TQhku6II0x
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20 B2B Content Marketing Examples and Case Studies for 2015 http://t.co/j0DQdfIMOm
Dude, your new logo is nice. How much did it cost? $5! ► http://t.co/fLrIq54uZd http://t.co/XNILBd94dN
Looking for a fresh, custom logo? #Fiverr gets the job done for 5 dollars. ► http://t.co/fLrIq4MU7F
Expedia Promotes #VanGogh2015 With Free Trips To Holland Using Twitter’s Flock To Unlock http://t.co/Za0zrYgBuX
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An in indepth-look at the new design of the @WIRED homepage by @sdadich | Spoiler alert: the share-bar is floating ► http://t.co/J7h6BL7YVo
Design trends for the 2k15 - is your agency up to date? Can they do magical realism? ► http://t.co/XcklVMzPoi
"Upfront is technically a WordPress theme, in the same way that a T-Rex is technically a lizard." Aha. How is a T-Rex good? He's extinct...
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@salendron I completely agree. So which is which? *g*
@salendron So basically closed vs. closed.
Executive self-assessment: Naval-gazing or pathway to profit? http://t.co/1HdhR7wYTd

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