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Instagram launches 15sec video ads as native in-stream advertising ► http://t.co/8RN6pz7tac
When automatically scanning tweets for suicidal messages, cynicism will be hard to detect ► http://t.co/wTRSvlwYfU
Why Social Media Guidance Is Important http://t.co/2mcSR7mPrh
The end of the app era | How these icons will soon all be gone ► http://t.co/yN6wIOOydK
International Education: Using Social Media to Shake Up College Fund-Raising http://t.co/wGns2hJkmK
All eyes on native advertising - will it "eclipse" search marketing? In-depth analysis ► http://t.co/KTq16rz6eh
Huskies in Their Skivvies: Social Media Documents Northeastern University’s 9th Annual Underwear Run http://t.co/YRyGR4orgb
Here's Facebook's Newest App, Rooms — It Wants To Make Old-School Internet Forums Sexy Again ... http://t.co/HMxDKRUR56
Facebook in 3, 5, 10 years: How Zuckerberg paints a blue future ► http://t.co/3eRPRWW31X
Marketers turn further from traditional media, study shows http://t.co/BLxBkO8YEv
3 Reasons Why Social Media Age Restrictions Matter http://t.co/rUViGikzU7
The evolution of Twitter: the guardian lists 20 hits and misses from the company's short history ► http://t.co/O0x3eC3tgB
The worst lemonade I ever drank (#lemonaid) contains "traces of fat". #wtf http://t.co/Mdnl814rq8
Pula at Impact Hub Vienna. #instadog #dogstagram #impacthub http://t.co/cNbuvNrr51
Are You Oversharing On Social Media? http://t.co/GkvylrB6Es
So glad we won't run out of tweets any time soon. @xkcdComic explains why (this is not a cartoon!)
This Map Shows How Discussion Of Ebola Is Spreading Online http://t.co/WGUtB3FIqT
RT @libertin_belt: We feel really good! First Blogpost by a fan… and it is awesome! thx @datenschmutz! http://t.co/UZGn13pE1A #review #fash…
Google+ isn't going anywhere, says new boss David Besbris http://t.co/bR5W1tlWpv
Ready to dive into Penguin 3.0? SEOMoz speculates in-depth about Google's latest SERP "killer" ► http://t.co/z26aHOrmlN

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