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Have you heard of HCG diet? AMAZING AND IT WORKS, I lost 2lbs in the last 3 days http://hcg-ultra.ru
@livngoodjewelry Ohh found it!!
@livngoodjewelry Ooh really, where is it?
@emmask9kitchen Thank you, and I've still got more to go! ^_^
@roni_seabury Thank you so much!!
New!!! Claw repair for your cuticles and Solid Perfume http://tinyurl.com/6mja3y
@HelloCrafty Hey snugglebug!!!!
World Vegan Day Sale!!!!!! 20% to 25% off http://tinyurl.com/62rfcv
@blsoaps Congrats on the 1st page snaggage, I've only been there once.. LOL I made it to page 5 this time.
Happy World Vegan Day!! In celebration we're having a sale! And a super deal for veganetsy and etsy veg members http://tinyurl.com/66fmcw
@savorsoap Cool, will you post more pics? I'm still desiging my third one!
@latarahamying Yep, in Savannah
@latarahamying You're moving to GA... then welcome!
@morganstreet No not overkill at all, I've done the same thing only once though. I felt bad, but I had to make sure all bases were covered.
@morganstreet Aw, well shoot! Go for what you know, bring that sale on baby! :)
@morganstreet If you do one today, will the preclude you from doing a SNS; if you do those?
@beccaeve That pirates coat is absolutely gorgeous! I want one, each color!
Is it wrong to be eating vegan caramel candy this early in the morning?
@xiane_org I've had that one before it good, I also use pea protein and vegan complete http://tinyurl.com/3vdgs
@emmask9kitchen Those are cute, I have to get one for Toshi

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