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@authorJMLava Anytime, miss, and thanks :)
@authorJMLava Meh. Seems more like a Ponzi scheme that valid monetiser. :)
Tom - Dreams Of Horror novel / book http://t.co/djhOHnKEkF #horror via @chrislangwrites (I like the premise of this book. And it's free!) :)
Stop the Pavlovian drooling over ads that come too soon & the promise of love that comes with a purchase. It’s a lie. http://t.co/oxJEJLIAt1
@LoisMarketing Since marketers and retailers started moving it earlier and earlier up the chain. @ImTheQ
@LoisMarketing "Everything" is not being pinned on evil capitalism. #BlackFriday is perfect example of all that's wrong with greed. @ImTheQ
@LoisMarketing "This day" is about family, and thanks. Threatening staff with sack if they don't work is both greed and unethical. @ImTheQ
@LoisMarketing US stores still lack crowd control, as evidenced by reports from there.
@LoisMarketing My friend @ImTheQ sums up everything that's wrong with retailer greed here: http://t.co/oxJEJLIAt1 #BlackFriday
@LoisMarketing Customers wouldn't buy or be sucked into the #BlackFriday mindset if retailers didn't play stupid mindgames over "savings"
Dear retailers: I hope your penchance for greed is worth the injury to people. http://t.co/mhLPabirvR #BlackFriday
In which my friend Amanda Q. perfectly states everything that is wrong with the cult of Black Friday. http://t.co/eDId1Y6WFR #BlackFriday
@WillBluntAU Cheers, Will - certainly sparked a lively debate across platforms, which is always nice to see. :)
@wirenine Agreed. Clearly @MageewpTheme still subscribe to the 1999 school of online "marketing"
.@MageewpTheme Find a better way to "promote" yourselves than leaving spammy comments on non-relevant blog posts. http://t.co/VfRpUdBwei
How Atomic Reach 2.0 Helps You Create Perfect Content Every Time http://t.co/GbxxgEb3xz
.@socialmedia2day Can't seem to find an option to delete my account - where would I find that? Thx.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Changing to a Newsletter Delivery Format: http://t.co/JMK0BWsElm (my guest post on change of format)
@BrndInnovation Well thank you, guys! Way kind, and great way to start my morning. :)
@ThePaulSutton Sorry, I stopped clicking through to crazy titles long ago. :) @ginidietrich

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