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Content creation: 3 tips to choose the best formats for your blog (Infographic) http://t.co/okiUgNRWDC via @cendrinemedia #contentmarketing
Write what really matters to you, and be proud of every single word. #pureblogging http://t.co/uRuYmqzJP9
Forget Co-Eds and Grumpy Cat, Facebook Is Now a Political Hub http://t.co/1ymuW5ygGU via @senseimarketing
Stop Asking Stupid Social Media Questions! http://t.co/ejAmXnnZNz via @gotweetsgo
@RichBecker I guess at least it's better than "fish where the fish are".... #facepalm
@Marek_Baco And if you're going to talk SoMe cust. care, share financial as well as reputational impact. @howiegoldfarb @baekdal @KLM
@Marek_Baco Then AdWeek shouldn't have claimed social was responsible for that ROI. Poor "journalism"@howiegoldfarb @baekdal @KLM
Agreed. Weak, clickbait, and zero proof of social media's driving of that ROI. https://t.co/VnjRfdX1YU
@nickcdavis Anytime, great round up :)
@SproutSocial Anytime, easy to share great resources. :)
A2. Easy, use @SproutSocial's "Always Updated" doc for all optimized images (headers, posts, etc) https://t.co/WpKuJoUuzo #DIYDesign
@lisagerber How can you go from a Malbec to a dry rose? #doesnotcompute @OpEdMarketing
@AskKim @gopostmatic Right back at you, have a great weekend ahead!
@AnaTrafficCafe Hope you enjoyed, and thanks. :)
@AlexMaryuen Cheers, Alex, appreciate the share, mate.
@echelonvalue Thank you! Right back at you. :)
This Week in Genesis (22 May 2015) http://t.co/v8IfWY9ETX via @nickcdavis #genesiswp
@AskKim Here you go (it was $1.1M, still hefty fine. http://t.co/QlvYhmXfKw @gopostmatic
@AskKim If they tried pulling that stunt in Canada, CASL would go after them. Already laid first $1.5M fine. :) @gopostmatic @Udemy
@gopostmatic @AskKim (2/2) value and preference of footer link too. It's like the suggestion to make the little Reply graphic clickable

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