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@Peter_Abrahamse The previous design had a separate Home and Blog page. Perhaps pulled from that data? And thanks! :)
@Peter_Abrahamse Thanks for the heads up, though, appreciated :)
@Peter_Abrahamse That page doesn't exist anymore. Looks like @Moz needs to update their data.
You don't launch a successful blog. You build it! http://t.co/MPHgfaInjt via @jimconnolly (Truth! DB)
Blog Name Ideas: Why Is Creating Headlines So Darn Hard? http://t.co/BTje7l42z3
@emilymukalazi Agree, especially when it can undo a huge amount of current goodwill around your brand. @amvandenhurk
@spaceguy1 Clearly they weren't, mate. The damage has probably been done as far as some people may see. @amvandenhurk
Can you trademark the Ice Bucket Challenge? http://t.co/0j8Wu1SKve via @amvandenhurk (not a good move on ALS behalf - DB)
@jeffespo That's why the pay is in donuts and shame.
@EvanVanDerwerke Cheers, Evan! For me, the social discussion aspect is only just really beginning to be understood. Interesting times ahead!
@Think_Pragmatic Thanks, guys, appreciate the share and glad the piece resonated!
@randomamusement Indeed she is. :) @bldchris @gotweetsgo @jasonrspencer
@SueAnneDunlevie Haha, I love that I'm the jargon one. :) Thanks, miss, really appreciated, and great article!
@jeffespo She was grateful and you know it! :)
@jeffespo It's by your mom's dog sled.
@bldchris Hey there Christin, thank you! :) Now looking forward to checking out @randomamusement @gotweetsgo @jasonrspencer :)
@lizabutcher You smooth talker you! ;-) Thanks, miss - enjoy the long weekend!
@joshhenegar And still so many get it wrong.... cheers, mate, appreciate the share.
@AlisonGJ Like I said, the support at @Livefyre is second-to-none, awesome team and culture. :)
@deansguide Cheers, mate, and right back at you - hope you have a great weekend ahead! :)

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