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At this very moment in time, for someone, somewhere, you matter. A personal post. http://t.co/7M09ozWgJn
@prtini For sure, miss, and agree 100% - our values are all messed up.
“The Rice suspension is yet another illustration that society just doesn’t get domestic violence.” by @prtini https://t.co/DvToTZLMFi
On Why We Need to Reclaim Realism http://t.co/w85StgBOP8 - my take on sexism and glamorization over at @LizScherer's blog
Sales and Distribution will Always Trump Marketing and Social Media for Small Brands http://t.co/xwiEKxjbQW - good stuff from @howiegoldfarb
How to Build the Commodities of Identity and Trust in Social Media http://t.co/fo4lwTxgKC #marketing #customerexperience
@Nataliya_Semalt The example from @bhartzer is easier, and to be fair, you can understand if folks query why you'd want their domain info.
@bhartzer For sure, mate, great advice and one that I'm sure many people (me included) are implementing! :)
How to Remove http://t.co/fBGRV72myc in Google Analytics http://t.co/doAZfVS1kC via @bhartzer (useful info, cheers! DB)
How to Get a Footer Link from http://t.co/NpCQrzx210 (And Why I’m Continuing with “Dark SEO”) http://t.co/Sy3m757VHv by @Viperchill
Rethinking Imagery Within Your Marketing Strategy Online http://t.co/jfS2OEu5ZL via @dboozeman (good tips re. content here - DB)
5 Tips to Avoid Spamming Your Target Audiences http://t.co/IHOa4xx7Ly - good tips from @AllenMireles over on the @vocus blog
@johncarson Looking forward to it :)
@johncarson Minus the dram, yes. :) Glass of red tonight, schedule a post for Sunday, then close down for the weekend (little guy ill)
@johncarson HA!!
@bhas Hmm, maybe every 4-6 months or so? With this one, trying to rethink how content is produced and published, beyond text/images.
@johncarson Yeah. Getting antsy. Plus I have big plans on how content is both produced and presented, so.... ;-)
Will be messing with my blog design this weekend, so apologies in advance if it's borky for you.
@avgjoegeek Shame. WordPress needs a quality image optimization solution. *That* would be a nice feature of wp 4.0
@avgjoegeek Yes sir! Been meaning to try out that last one you recommended, haven't had chance yet. Your post reminded me. :)

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