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@Atomic_Reach Cheers, guys, always enjoy your chat. Have to try and make time for more regular visits :) #AtomicChat
Great chat, great questions and answers, everyone - cheers! :) #AtomicChat
MT @CBarrows: Another great chat. Great topics tonight on #atomicchat
@di_wo Once we're live, happy to :) #AtomicChat
@BH_Social Unfortunately that can be easier said than done depending on scale & resources. Instead, set realistic expectations #AtomicChat
@di_wo Agree. The org. I'm working for will be looking to have that type of fun approach, and surprising people :) #AtomicChat
@di_wo True. But if N. America wants to truly invite brands to social, then brands need to be allowed that kind of leeway #AtomicChat
A6. Tesco Mobile, Jaffa Cakes, Cadbury Chocolate - epic social interaction in UK: http://t.co/xiywdQSUmx #AtomicChat
RT @Atomic_Reach: Q6 @BH_Social What are your favorite examples of brands entering Twitter discussions? #atomicchat
@allisonbarrettc Yourself. That's what people get to know and respond to. :) @CBarrows #AtomicChat
@allisonbarrettc I concur with @CBarrows :) #AtomicChat
RT @CBarrows: @allisonbarrettc You're doing great IMO :) #atomicchat
A5. Also, when it's clear there's no reason to be in the convo except trying to chase a trending topic. That's your alarm bell. #AtomicChat
A5. When they have to pause, even for a second, and think, "Is this OK?" #AtomicChat
RT @Atomic_Reach: Q5 @BH_Social When should a brand not jump into others' Twitter convos? #atomicchat
@Vin_Orleck Haha, well, my personal experience (client, employers) says otherwise. But that's beauty of disagreement. :) #AtomicChat
@Vin_Orleck By all means, create a strategy suited to social. But let's not get trapped by unicorn brigade on social, too ;-) #AtomicChat
@Vin_Orleck I disagree. SoMe is another sales channel. We get too bogged down in "it's just about convo" mindset #AtomicChat
A4. And for the love of God, make sure you're on the right damn network for your audience, existing and target ;-) #AtomicChat
A4. Prepare for best and worst case scenarios. Define when you'll respond and when you'll simply acknowledge. #AtomicChat

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