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Why do we need to fill free moments? Why can’t we just live them? http://t.co/62m6pQR0YZ (thoughts from @JaclynAurore in this guest post)
“Social Justice Bullies: The Authoritarianism of Millennial Social Justice” by @aristoNYC https://t.co/NXVmiopJrP
@howiegoldfarb If the audience has purchase power, sure. Does it? @belllindsay @SouthsideAdguy @msjconnolly @Digital_DRK @satisfeye
Somewhere over there is Toronto.... #FoggyFriday http://t.co/9EJdObjSaV
@inspiredmag For sure, great piece, and nodding my head along to everything you said.
@Digital_DRK That, and the ethics of Snapchat execs as bad as Uber's @howiegoldfarb @SouthsideAdguy @msjconnolly @satisfeye @belllindsay
@howiegoldfarb No. Who watches media anymore? ;-) @SouthsideAdguy @msjconnolly @Digital_DRK @satisfeye @belllindsay
9 simple SEO and linkbuilding tips that work wonders! http://t.co/WM7DMKLgBy via @jrconsultancy (some solid advice here - DB)
@csledzik Since when did you go by the name of "Jane"? :) @lkpetrolino @ginidietrich
@amvandenhurk G+ discussion: https://t.co/kSDmP86G3r
@csledzik Admit it, it was a stick man you deemed a skeleton... @ginidietrich @lkpetrolino
@Philip_Cummings Hi there Philip, thank you, and thanks for sharing with your #edchat colleagues!
@ginidietrich You know you can use Duct a Tape to keep Etch a Sketch drawings in place? @lkpetrolino
@vincedeon Right? @inspiredmag makes some great points.
@waworld Thanks, guys, and yes, great point - it's a universal thing.
@lkpetrolino I hear @ginidietrich is now taking Etch a Sketch lessons....
@RobBiesenbach Cheers, mate, and appreciate the comment on the post, too. Some nice quotes.
@ITCXpartners Cheers guys s. The Medium post I just shared takes a look at this topic, too. Interesting times.
@WordPressBuffs Hey, cheers guys! @SEO @yoast
@ariherzog What about dapper bow ties? @KristiHines @PhilGerb

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