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@timbo1973 Actually, not too bad today: http://t.co/zcUutw7QvI
Does Sainsbury’s Christmas Chocolate Leave a Bitter Taste in Your Mouth? - http://t.co/FIzBb8wqKP via @thepaulsutton
Eminem Just Rapped About Raping @IggyAzalea And She Responded in the Best Way Possible: http://t.co/nVcGgc7rKD by @hotchiligumbo on @MicNews
RT @IGGYAZALEA: its especially akward because my 14 year old brother is the biggest eminem fan and now the artist he admired says he wants …
@lizscherer Anytime, miss, important topic.
@RedRaiderGames Just doing my bit to support indie authors and publishers :) #sharealink
@RedRaiderGames If you buy it and email me the receipt I will. :)
Special Promotion - Get Few Far Fallen for Just $2.99! http://t.co/TdiX2lqhJQ via @morningrainpub (great book for fans of Game of Thrones)
Our world and the culture of violence against women and girls http://t.co/QI6jDiZO6C via @LizScherer
You Are Not a Man. You Are a Child Rapist. http://t.co/YTlrpBEh5L (Make your voice heard. Stop this bullshit now. DB)
@matthewmarley Cheers, mate, appreciate that, hope your week is going great :)
@seftonmedia Very welcome, mate, and hope you enjoy it. :) @MandyRoseJones @mike_mcgrail @scottfrog @GlasgowOsteo @matthewmarley
When Does Convenience of Service Overcome Lack of Ethics? http://t.co/VKMYIIgKdB #uber
.@Uber driver told cancer patient she deserves to be sick after canceling ride http://t.co/e6mi6jw1xz - stay classy, Uber.
45 Good WordPress Themes with Vertical Menus http://t.co/CvviQj3jkg @kevinmuldoon #blogdesign #wordpress
@ginidietrich Haha, I hear you. So many don't see difference, probably down to @delwilliams point. Email delivery doesn't equal newsletter.
@beingwcarson Agree, mate. I'm hoping for good things, given how JJ Abrams rebooted the Star Trek franchise.
@TheSocialChain Hey, I recognize that quote. :) Cheers!
@delwilliams Agree. It's why I also offer extras you won't get on blog - software recos; content tips; recommended reading. @ginidietrich
Experience turned to arrogance is never a good thing http://t.co/yCTQL8j4ov - good stuff from @MartinWaxman

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