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Kids breakfast this morning :) #HappyHalloween http://t.co/qxmUO5g0z4
@WrittenbySumer No worries - some more on the way too, really enjoying the series, and thanks for checking it out :)
@timbo1973 All good mate, cheers. Keeping head down, busy getting ready for product launch at work :) You?
@WrittenbySumer Thanks, Michelle, glad you enjoyed @RichBecker's article. Always good stuff from him. Did you check the other two?
@SproutSupport Bravo! I shall raise a tankard of grog in your honour this evening, fair maiden! :)
@SproutSupport Forsooth, and tread ye well against yon fiery beasts!
@SproutSupport Cool, thanks for the link! :)
@SproutSupport Hi guys, keep getting a red bar at the top of the dashboard with a "Something is broken, try back later" message.
10 Digital Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow http://t.co/1VkfNlthrs via @bloggingtipscom (with a nice overview of why each one was chosen)
Why You Should Have a No-Shoe Policy at Home: http://t.co/ll7gErHgeC via @HomeHealthLove (excellent article - we have no shoes at home - DB)
Home Page Design: Static Front Page vs Blog Page - Which Is Better? http://t.co/oBVhCtk6Jq via @timbo1973
RT @BlogTyrant: My Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog and Dominate Your Niche http://t.co/8WhjGz4Kyx via @blogtyrant
150 Free Wordpress Themes for 2014 http://t.co/8GOHTvZe9B (there are some really good options here)
@ZachTheFiveTwo An easy mistake to make - the likenesses are uncanny :) @maddiemcnally11 http://t.co/kfodeFeof1
@i7Sean When you say it like that, kinda sounds like Yoda. I'll happily take that - cheers! :)
@Kabolobari Nice quote to pull, thank you. :)
@HighOnBlog Very welcome, glad it was helpful :) @usefilament
The Little Boy That Could (Or Why We Need to Make What We Do Brilliant Every Time): http://t.co/Y1WU8k5Xq3
“Klout – The Official Kardashian Sister of Startups”: http://t.co/bpZmqA878s via @InfluencerMktg #influencemktg
Fifth Place – 2014 Freaky Flash Award http://t.co/bT0lwNCELg @MorningRainPub (great entry in the special Hallowe'en contest - DB)

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