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What Copyblogger Could Have Done With Its Facebook Page - Jon Loomer Digital http://t.co/qcjrH4s2pT via @JonLoomer
I Am Not Tired #MicroblogMondays #WriteMyCommunity - Everyday Gyaan http://t.co/Cc9cQGQgtD (excellent poetic post around blogging)
What We Want Versus What We Need http://t.co/z2lgXcViD1 (or why we need to take the time to sit, think and regroup)
RT @CiviliNation: Welcome, Monica! RT @monicalewinsky: #HereWeGo
The Need to Identify Trend Currents for Effective Influence Marketing: http://t.co/VlqJL7ViP9 via @InfluencerMktg #influencemktg
@mail_poet Haven't had a notification of the update. Do I download from http://t.co/6PiAtuqi4X and replace?
RT @wpmayor: @mail_poet There are some bugs that need fixing in this version guys, check the .org forum.
Sorry, @mail_poet, your update broke the Magic Action Box Pro connection. It worked before update, now code error. Please fix.
Super Original Thinking is Required to Topple Facebook http://t.co/pljgQ3WF5P via @frank_strong
"Social Media - Intelligence & ROI" by @EliotDM on @LinkedIn http://t.co/DSCZkZcXeh
@GinaLaGuardia You mean before us marketers got our grubby hands on it, don't you? ;-) @rosyblue
@genemarks Hey there Gene, thanks for that, mate, appreciated!
BBC News - GamerGate: 'Press must tackle misogyny,' says developer http://t.co/Hg63gSLhrt #gamergate
@GinaLaGuardia @rosyblue And tweeting in winter while wearing slippery clogs was hard as heck!
@GinaLaGuardia Hey now, leas of the old, thank you very much :) @rosyblue
@rosyblue Oh, @GinaLaGuardia and I go waaaaaay back :)
@TonyReali Look forward to reading - love long stories, particularly romantic ones. :)
@GinaLaGuardia Always, miss - clearly a Twitter glitch! :)
@TonyReali Ha, awesome :) Though how the heck did the bag get there from the hotel?
@TonyReali Love the bio - though clearly you haven't been to the small park and riverside seat in the middle of Comrie, Scotland. :)

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