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Expand Your Business by Attracting a New Demographic https://t.co/UIRTnKXzct via @OPENForum #marketing #data
Three Web Design Trends to Consider for 2015 http://t.co/P6vGNhJMUj
@mail_poet Hi, having issues creating this week's newsletter. Won't pull blog posts in, get this instead: http://t.co/pF1iWzlp7U
@kevinweber I mentioned you in a Livefyre comment! http://t.co/g571gJvmfY
Want the Best Sign-Up Form Ever? Here’s 7 Clever Examples. http://t.co/P5k8X0voTk via @blogtyrant #blogging
@DaveWebb Cheers, Dave, and agree - an evergreen post from @SarahArrow :) #blogging #contentmarketing
@TheRedheadRiter Well thank you! And double thanks for laughing zebras! :)
Well played! @TimHortons spreads warmth to cold Canadian town: https://t.co/aEzZsmvnl4 #WarmWishes
Blog Comments, Digital Universes, and the Future of Social Conversations http://t.co/Aq7VEwxscj #blogging #blogcomments
@kevinweber I mentioned you in a Livefyre comment! http://t.co/OIuXNV0HnL
@compellinadvert Thanks so much, Peter, really appreciated! @Lisapatb
The Pros Weigh In: The Best Books for the Marketer on Your List http://t.co/UgUu2IGCYC via @shelleypringle
@nelsonWTrent Then my work here is done. :)
@LeeJCarey Cheers, Lee - here's to an awesome 2015 for you and yours. :) @thehealthmaven @lisablackler @royatkinson
@Lisapatb Just saw that - thank you! Will hop on over later today, great way to start weekend :) @compellinadvert
@shelleypringle It's *always* competitive when Gini and I are involved.... @belllindsay @GiniDietrich @howiegoldfarb
@vincedeon Haha, no worries mate - it's weird how sometimes Twitter and others do that. I think it's to do with sharing plugin settings.
@leepaulkennedy Cheers, Lee - enjoyed writing that post, always believed comments are a very undermined knowledge area.
@belllindsay Hey, you're just saying that because @ginidietrich never chose it. :) @howiegoldfarb @shelleypringle
@TomPick Cheers, nice way to end the week. :) @RenildeDeWit @Lisapatb @MarketingProfs @kimgarst

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