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@RobBiesenbach I should trademark that :)
@Flow_Reader Ditto, great discussion, cheers! @chrisdadswell
@Flow_Reader And kudos for trying. It's definitely been a missed and poorly implemented opp for too many years. @chrisdadswell
@JonMikelBailey "Downright" is such an underused word - well played!
@Flow_Reader For sure. Which probably explains why RSS has struggled to make any impact outside blog/tech inner circle. @chrisdadswell
@BloggerSidekick NP, mate, solid stuff as usual. Really enjoying your content.
@aschottmuller Damn skippy! Cheers, miss. :)
@Flow_Reader Choice is definitely good. If one of the choices offers little value, though, for me it's time to drop. @chrisdadswell
@Flow_Reader (2/2) Which reverts to the post - I simply add to an RSS list, but I invest in an email. That's the difference. @chrisdadswell
@Flow_Reader Oh, completely agree, and that's my point. Trust is with the blogger, control is with the subscriber. (1/2) @chrisdadswell
7 Benefits of Guest Blogging (Plus 2 Case Studies): http://t.co/VHgCQ6LzYn via @BloggerSidekick #content #blogging
@Flow_Reader Doesn't that come down more to the reader, though? It's the same as overloaded RSS, if left unattended @chrisdadswell
Don’t Be Alarmed – But I Want You to Kill Your RSS Feed: http://t.co/rB41HRSr8m - my recent guest post over at @JonMikelBailey's blog.
This is our house. #TFC @samfiorella http://t.co/zfBasgAwsj
@getcontenido Cheers! How about your favourite? :)
@AOBOBlogPodcast Ha, sounds like a fairground showman with a button basher. :) Cheers, mate.
@chrisdadswell Driver for me is exchange of thoughts. I find that's encouraged more by email. @Flow_Reader
@chrisdadswell No interest in ads. Better ways to drive revenue than "hope to click" methods. :) @Flow_Reader
@chrisdadswell I haven't read a blog by RSS since about 2012. No time. But I do make time to read emails. @Flow_Reader
@chrisdadswell See, I'm opposite. I control what comes into my email and only allow very trusted content. More invested. @Flow_Reader

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