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@ariherzog Currently Feedblitz, yet looking at others. Feedblitz limited styling unless you code, analytics can be weird, can be clunky UI
@ariherzog Little A, little B. Although did lose around 30 subs, so that balanced out.
@GiniDietrich I mentioned you in a Livefyre comment! http://t.co/h8QAyofsED
Hey guys - I would love your thoughts on how to best use @Livefyre Sidenotes to enhance your blog experience http://t.co/vVI0YMzauB
RT @jeffturner: @AskPayPal I'm not sure how to say "allow multiple IPNs" more simply, but ok.
@LizReusswig Ooh, I see what you did there - nice! :)
@arshimbo I have a post noodling in draft at moment on NPOs and #influencemktg - stay tuned. :) @DylanManderlink @samfiorella
@arshimbo Using our methodology in book, replace "customer" with "donor/supporter/constituent" @DylanManderlink @samfiorella #influencemktg
Caption contest: Best quote for this gets free copy of @InfluencerMktg mailed to them. GO! :) (ends April 23) http://t.co/QUF145CqBQ
@Livefyre Great example from the @imaginedragons fans - excited to put into practice. :)
@emfriesen Thanks, Elizabeth, that was the goal, so great to hear it resonated that way :)
@Livefyre Very cool - might have to test out on the book publisher site my wife co-owns, would be a natural fit, methinks. :)
@moremallie Another reason Dracula dropped the title Count early on... :-P @ociamark @boxofnuts22
RT @profkrg: Livefyre Sidenotes: Super Cool New Feature http://t.co/AxkqrFfJ6c via @ginidietrich
@Livefyre So I'm guessing by being standalone plug-in, a non Livefyre-powered blog could use to complement native WordPress comments?
@Livefyre Gotcha, thanks - installing shortly :)
@ociamark No need to swear, it's just a name!! ;-) @boxofnuts22 @moremallie
@Livefyre Cool! Quick question - is this a separate plug-in to install, or treated as update to existing Livefyre plug-in?
@lpmikov That's the best kind of non-rest for sure :)
@lpmikov Short week thanks to Easter, so all good, thanks. Hope you had great long weekend!

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