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Why You Are a Complete Idiot If You Don't Google Yourself http://t.co/jorHHfRpvg via @rogerdooley (Indeed! DB)
Are marketers being arrogant or naive? http://t.co/JAKhj7S2Rf (thoughtful post from @ChallengeThink - DB)
.@TrystDatingApp I see @markjardine is also a dad and husband and you reached out to him. Are you encouraging infidelity?
@angelabarsotti Funny how that works for the companies willing to put in the effort, eh? ;-)
@CjShaffer1 I don't even like dates, I'm more a seedless grape kinda guy. @TrystDatingApp
@TrystDatingApp Thanks. But if you've been to site and looked at archival topics, you'll understand why pitching dating app not a fit.
@angelabarsotti Remember when companies would put in the legwork to research target audience?
@berget It'd be nicely ironic %)
.@TrystDatingApp And what part of my bio suggested I'd write a review? Did you check blog to see if I write about dating?
Chelsea Clinton to her dad, on finding out she's pregnant. "I did not have sexual relations with that boy."
RT @MeghanCArnold: Seriously @walgreens? #sexism #genderedkidsshit http://t.co/WPetqWFqLx
@MarkVozzo Cheers Mark, appreciate the share - quick and easy definitely the goal with this post :)
@Livefyre Thanks guys, will check soon - looks interesting feature, curious about some features and integration :)
.@TrystDatingApp As a husband and dad of two, why would I? Did you target your audience for your outreach?
@A_Scop_5 Is that ugly flop or flopping ugly? This is key. :)
Six Simple Ways to Measure Owned, Earned and Paid Social Media ROI http://t.co/P0lRuItsig #socialmedia #roi
@SamFiorella I mentioned you in a Livefyre comment! http://t.co/FrEowkuQTX
It's Here - Broken by Nancy Beattie is Available to Buy! http://t.co/j5C2NeK3Sa via @MorningRainPub (for fans of dark look at humanity - DB)
@Poynter Looks like a bug means @Livefyre Sidenotes doesn't show comment box once Sidenotes activated (on previous posts too)

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