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Email is second nature to everyone, regardless of tech know-how. Blog comments should be too. http://t.co/4YWZVavSMS
RT @howiegoldfarb: the only people who believe using social media = being a social business sell products in that area
@TeelingWhiskey If you know of some pubs, that would be most excellent. :) @arshimbo @samfiorella @OpEdMarketing
@samfiorella I'll drink to that! @TeelingWhiskey @arshimbo @OpEdMarketing
@arshimbo We're Canadian. We're not cool enough for #SMMW15 :) @samfiorella @OpEdMarketing @TeelingWhiskey
@arshimbo I haven't, mate, but now I'm thinking myself, @samfiorella and @OpEdMarketing need to find a bar with @TeelingWhiskey being served
@gotweetsgo Well, given I've spoken to about 11 people today, it's not a hard list to top!!! ;-)
@gotweetsgo #mindblown :)
@gotweetsgo Wait - is that past tense "I have read", or present tense "you should read"? #confusedscotsmanneedmorecoffee
@virtualvip Cheers there, good sir, and appreciate the comment too! @WPHelpers
@howiegoldfarb Eleventy billion is the same amount of tweets that will shared from the #SMMW15 after party!
@dwasylow Bookmarked to check this evening mate, cheers.
@davefleet But... but... it's a placement!!! ;-) All the way with you there, mate.
A 405% return on investment is huge - except when it's "marketing equivalency" being measured... http://t.co/ZXXS6KEYXF
It isn't just about making your content findable - it's about making it shareable, too. #content http://t.co/rwZFzZN9b0
@dwasylow Like any education program - if the teachers are from the trenches they offer value. Otherwise, usually just opportunistic shills
Wondering if you can provide links/reference data to your claims here, @CollectiveBias? http://t.co/6nOeVJNhy5
Have Electronic Devices Killed Conversation? http://t.co/Bad9ja95Ke - a sign of the times? Pause for thought with @thejoshuawilner
@iteratesocial Haha, well thank you! I'll take that kind of compliment anytime. :)
How Do You Learn #WordPress?: A Survey http://t.co/1g4JPg3y0s via @bobwp (hop on over and share your methods - DB)

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