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@Obeyant_15 I give you two bangers, and mash on top. #givingitback https://t.co/KxR978X7hm
@NancyDavis068 Often the best posts are like that, miss. x
I am not the Grinch. I don't really hate the holidays, I hate the pressure. #pureblogging https://t.co/aQ6Gt4VDPO via @NancyDavis068
The Official Annual Black Friday Rant by The Q: https://t.co/mFmDBTufsR - always timely from @ImTheQ #BlackFriday
@vmmessina Sheesh. Try and be nice to someone....
@vmmessina You're welcome, I guess.... Besides, you're part of my quota... ;-) Happy Thanksgiving, man. :)
@krinhoh For sure, and enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving. :)
@krinhoh Agreed. Some folks have hijacked it into being one, though. Hey ho.
An atheist Thanksgiving: Yes, the godless can ‘give thanks’ — and here is how they do it https://t.co/nD5AnylnfT
@AnnHawkins Thanks, miss - I enjoyed writing that, very therapeutic. :)
@JimConnolly They also know how to build a solid mobile app, which is useful. :)
@JimConnolly I think @twitter let itself get overrun by bots and automation. Hey ho.
@JimConnolly Yep, new makeover and focus on content pretty slick. Miss some older features, but makes up for it elsewhere.
@JimConnolly @twitter I hear you, mate. I start with my blog, then FB, then G+, then perhaps Twitter. Hey ho.
Imagine if the majority of bloggers berating Twitter for removing the share count number put as much effort into creating shareable content.
@ThePaulSutton It's certainly sparked some great points on both sides of coin. But, yeah, blogs are even better when comments on.
@ThePaulSutton Cheers, sir!
“Perhaps Tomorrow”: https://t.co/hhLxtP7LkC - a little something I wrote off the cuff. #life #introspect
Ha! https://t.co/f87nSA2Mn8
@sbhsbh Thanks for the share, Steve. :)

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