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I've stayed off twitter all night. I thought my Facebook feed was insane with this election.
"One of you will be the next president" God help us all. I hope not. #letgarydebate
Bloomberg: I'm a New Yorker. I know a con when I see one. Me: I know a con too. It's this democrat & republican circus. #imwithneither
To sum up both conventions. #imwithneither #JohnsonWeld2016
RT @OnionPolitics: Bill Clinton Inadvertently Reveals He And Hillary Have Been Alive For Over 300 Years #DemsInPhilly
RT @GideonZoeller: Remember that scandal about Gary Johnson? What about that time he said that really racist thing? Me neither. #JohnsonWel…
@IngridCawthorne this whole shit show scares me.
You guys. I feel like it's end of times. #RNCinCLE
Can someone turn that fan off on Ivanka please? #RNCinCLE
Waiting for tonight's #RNCinCLE memes
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Photographers! #giveaway! I entered to win The Pet Photographer's Dream Bundle. Details: https://t.co/atntmjapVZ https://t.co/I8nxVwqYBm
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RT @RelatableQuote: 2016: Trump won't win. 2017: President Trump can't do that, can he? 2018: You watching The Hunger Games tonight? I ho…
Drunk Don Lemon - Slightly more entertaining than sober Don.
I love when influenster sends me a new VoxBox! I got two this month!
RT @BeauBishop: I have never seen a broadcaster who has so clearly already lost the fight continue to dig in like Mark May. The battle is …
UGH @FoxNews steaming isn't working
RT @YtownSocial: .@BarRescue since you're making over our downtown bars, think we can get a nice sports bar in @DOWNTOWNYTOWN ? We're kind …

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Columbus, Ohio photographer for high school seniors, kids & dog portraits. Photoshop junkie. Dog lover. Die hard Ohio State Univ & Steelers football fan.
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Danielle Neil Photography
Pets, children and high school senior portraits.

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