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Whether ur #engaged or looking to encourage your #marriage, I'm sharing my fav #marriagebooks today on the blog!… https://t.co/NJX6HfocPs
Twinning it with the sis. Although she had them first. #myfashionrolemodel #target @Target https://t.co/zDXZD8XRDt
I couldn't do it without this guy right here! He's the sprinkles to my #doughnut and I couldn't be prouder to have… https://t.co/oovqykAnS2
You may not like the rain but I get soooo much done on rainy days. And I need #motivation today! The sun can wait until Friday ;)
Have a wedding anniversary coming up??? I have an idea of what he might like! ;)... https://t.co/bXprPapLIh
Doing a little closet cleaning but I just cant seem to thin out my jean collection. 😳 #dontjudgeme https://t.co/IVC81QBi8b
No wedding Saturday and I'm starting to really enjoy having my weekends back. I'm putting it to god use by doing... https://t.co/f3Ne894Q8x
Hi Friends, check out my Instagram Takeover on Design Aglow today!Come say hello @designaglow! Photographers and... https://t.co/isnSs0LTxt
So enjoyed getting to celebrate my grandma's birthday with her yesterday. I have some catching up to do at work... https://t.co/IqEytz3Nwt
Vacations are amazing, but being an introvert, it's so good to be back home. Yesterday should have been for... https://t.co/1xldq8QJmf
Getting the heck outta here! Please note I'll be out of the office until Monday, June 12th. All messages will be... https://t.co/SRQsNyD1Qj
A little #bts fun from today's shoot for Focus on the Coast Weddings! We staged it at my dream house so I didn't... https://t.co/FW4qiKKiDs
Jelly Beans and Doughnuts combined?!?! They're trying to make all of my birthday wishes come true.... https://t.co/0ocKmGVel8
All of my clients have the same fears and obstacles they have to overcome when it comes to doing a boudoir... https://t.co/wFwzQdPaSK
I'm pretty sure it's a rule that you have to stay in your pajamas until 12pm on a Saturday. #becauseidefinitelyam #lazyday
Did someone say vacation in one week? I'm already starting to pack because I can't wait! 🌴… https://t.co/Zr2Zl8KNHC
Did someone say vacation in one week? I'm already starting to pack because I can't wait! 🌴... https://t.co/yzsWg9yoX2
Cheers to a 3 day weekend! Here's to lots of sunshine & a cheeseburger on the grill. Lucy's hoping there's a treat… https://t.co/gKAtQ0BPiS
Cheers to a 3 day weekend! Here's to lots of sunshine, R&R, and a cheeseburger on the grill. And Lucy's hoping... https://t.co/pqor25g7gH
Let the 3 day weekend begin! #MemorialDayWeekend #cleanjuice https://t.co/EGAAL8ZoyU

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wedding photographer and juggler of many other things, pictures are my passion!

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