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#DontYouJustHateWhen people ask you for money :/
i can see the future.. #wizardofoz coming 2013.. Dorothy will be played by @MMilaKunis
@SukResendez860 Ok ill take your word for it :)
Unless you can do this fuck you! http://t.co/5fGV7za2
Fuck you #Youtube Ads
#UpgradedRapperNames Waka Flocka Flamethrower Soulja Man ice glacier big Wayne 60 cent bun c kay z
#UpgradedRapperNames 3chains #instantfollowback #teamfollowback #follow4follow
#myjourney Has been full of twists and turns but hey no ones life is easy.. unless your Justin Beiber
#MentionSomethingAboutYourself Im CEO bitch!
S/o to my newest follower @Rockmsockmmico << He makes videos. #TeamFollowBack @DamnthatKid
#15thingsaboutmybestfriend 4. Sets up exciting plans early in the day.. then flakes :/
#15thingsaboutmybestfriend 3. txts me late at night when he gets some.. and im like greeat :/
#15thingsaboutmybestfriend 2. If he sees me conversing with an attractive female on Facebook. he Pm's me asking if we go out lol
@Nestas_ What been up brody!
@JakeUno Ohh i see.. which beat im gonna bump that instrumental lmao
#15thingsaboutmybestfriend 1. He likes and comments on all my Facebook updates.. and when he doesn't im like ??
Golf Wang Flog Gnaw @DamnthatKid
@JakeUno why promote rick ross? so confused..
#RejectedOlympicEvents Responding to someone by text when your trying to make a point

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CEO of Money Motivated, CEO Of KasualKingz Ent #TeamOddLogic #TeamKasual S/o to SEATTLE/TACOMA WASHINGTON

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