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@yellafish rest assured my friend, they are aware of The Clash.
The kiddos are jamming to some Modest Mouse now because #music http://t.co/DLo1BWql6Z
Making my kids listen to Tokyo Police Club and The Ramones because #music
Modern #Marketing is out! http://t.co/mnRztvpcPE
H-Town Daily is out! http://t.co/31NGz2Pp8m Stories via @pmclellan @insightsbyapril @SheaSerrano
Modern #Marketing is out! http://t.co/fkwne64tHc Stories via @augieray @adrants
H-Town Daily is out! http://t.co/oNoCZhSmqz Stories via @cmapeventshou @TexansCheer @Bitspitter
Yikes! New #Google Warning: Googlebot Cannot Access CSS & JS http://t.co/6UQkNM9B30 #marketing
Modern #Marketing is out! http://t.co/ngO9xZQwJf
H-Town Daily is out! http://t.co/NziMnUfRee Stories via @BakerInstitute @HouGrandOpera @AnniseParker
Street Artists Collaborate with Mexican Government to Bring Vibrant Splash of Color to an Entire Neighborhood http://t.co/jbqDgGYPgE #art
Google: We Won't Index Dynamic Content Behind Tabs http://t.co/wQtP7yNe50 #marketing
Keyword tools be damned! - Google To Shut Down Autocomplete API On August 10 http://t.co/fNs5SvqJKG #marketing
Quickly grabbing some stuff to-go. (@ Spaghetti Western Italian Cafe in Houston, TX) https://t.co/LtCqwWPjXK
Pretty interesting. New International Platform Where Indie Fashion Designers Make Money from Their #Designs http://t.co/MU5LTG1rey
This looks really cool. Interactive Polyhedron Installation http://t.co/8eiXHoDlf5 #art
Modern #Marketing is out! http://t.co/L73uxkrrBH Stories via @santilli
H-Town Daily is out! http://t.co/PCjWvJWEH0 Stories via @VolunteerHou @abc13houston
I'm at Sprouts Farmers Market - @sproutsfm in Houston, TX https://t.co/Sqe4n6Kqpc
It's an essential food group. #truth The Essential Guide to Pizza in #Houston - Eater Houston http://t.co/mjpLqpNyF6

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