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H-Town Daily is out! https://t.co/zk0k6mlIZ8 Stories via @BrazosBookstore @ryanbooth @Artshounddotcom
I'm at Harry's Restaurant in Houston, TX https://t.co/WfKM9zaGWI
Gather Real Data Before Making #Marketing Decisions https://t.co/sQIM1zTiHg
Can anyone truly define Fine Art? I've tried. I'd love your thoughts - https://t.co/fGbCyn17Sy
Awkward seating today. (@ Cyclone Anaya's - @cycloneanaya_ho in Houston, TX) https://t.co/FqvM0Jmr7E
I'm at Heights Veterinary Clinic in Houston, TX https://t.co/EcZ6aTakJJ
“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov
Pretty good veggie burgers. (@ P. Terry's in West Lake Hills, TX) https://t.co/GphvAhbLHu
Modern #Marketing is out! https://t.co/8UjaMpW9ij
The Social Landscape of the Internet is Circular https://t.co/oEbX64boQu
H-Town Daily is out! https://t.co/u5Qh95CNnf Stories via @cactus_music @abc13houston @365_Houston
"The hidden harmony is better than the obvious." - Pablo Picasso #art #quote
What is Fine Art Photography? How do you define it? https://t.co/fGbCyn17Sy
Happy Hang Out With Family On A Thursday to everyone!
I'm at Starbucks in West Lake Hills, TX https://t.co/jsCarR8TGB
Let's start your marketing right by gathering the right data https://t.co/sQIM1zTiHg
@julianneagno @spotify has the run app that does that for you. It's magical.
RT @MadalynSklar: Sick of Bad Stock Photos? Here's a New Resource You'll Want to Bookmark https://t.co/O3PYyJgm7b https://t.co/u1dOVYkxzU
Modern #Marketing is out! https://t.co/fasKqTksIl Stories via @rachparker @prosperitygal
H-Town Daily is out! https://t.co/hYVV9pEfWJ Stories via @Swagger_Media @HoustonNewMedia @BoxerHeather

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Photographer, web author/blogger, and all around nice guy. Great art is supposed to make you think...

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