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Modern #Marketing is out! http://t.co/JkNyZnKUgu
Anyone using Follow(dot)net for competitive research? http://t.co/3TzAONtQvX I've used it in the past but it's been a while.
H-Town Daily is out! http://t.co/HLTTC6uXzt Stories via @eEnergyCommerce @YMCAHouston @UH_News
@cshaffer12 yeah...the track one wasn't going to work. Ha!
@sybil_sanchez I meant to swap that slide out and forgot so I just rolled with it.
@chevd80 thanks so much! It was good seeing you.
RT @KrisGillentine: Picasso created more than 50,000 works of art. "Most of it was shit." - @DamienFranco #smdayhou #creativity https://t.…
@PGsDiner hash browns were legit.
When business gets slow don't cut #marketing or #branding. Those help build and sustain your growth. @AnhTNguyen #SMDayHou
Modern #Marketing is out! http://t.co/EvQcRjpPyG Stories via @joeruiz
H-Town Daily is out! http://t.co/wAt6ftsGEM Stories via @MyFoxHouston @dzine9 @cliffordpugh
RT @SMDayHou: Don't be boring! Social media is like having your own personal radio show. Share news and engage with people. @mikemcguff #SM…
RT @AnhTNguyen: NO buying fake followers on #socialmedia profiles. Grow communities organically. #SMDayHOU #BizBits
@AnhTNguyen you're so grounded.
Millenials turn to Facebook for political news. Via @mikemcguff #SMDayHou I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Here for #SMDay #SMDayHou (@ Houston Food Bank - Main Building in Houston, TX) https://t.co/9g7u0pyEnQ
#Greece's gorgeous street art shows anger about bailouts http://t.co/acCR73vvC4
Videos on Facebook: Native vs YouTube. Which Wins? by @brentcsutoras http://t.co/nCXHuMBhO7 #marketing
@PGsDiner It was pretty tasty. The perfect kind of food after staying up late at a Casino.
Modern #Marketing is out! http://t.co/uGcCKqio6V

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