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Yum! (@ Droubi's Middle Eastern Restaurant in Houston, TX) https://t.co/qY8dI50UM5
Modern #Marketing is out! http://t.co/u9Yfn9czZc
H-Town Daily is out! http://t.co/ergN2eRZ5y Stories via @abc13houston @KPRC2 @eEnergyCommerce
@K_ham27 wow. That would take a whole talk/panel & I don't think Tim the right expert. do think it's great and very powerful! #platformit
@vvelasquez06 not all the time but sometimes. Change it up a bit because people are on different networks for different reasons.
@OmarMarcosPhoto brand identity. Social etiquette is constantly changing and having a strong brand will overcome many bumps along the way.
@ArtInstituteHOU depends on the review. If it's real and fixable then own the problem, apologize, and state how you're gonna fix it!
@segevii @platformit get surveys from current users and ask their opinion.
@chickswhomarket give more than you expect to give back. Be entertaining, informative, or educational.
@ParagonBeautie on what platform?
@cookiemillerfit its audience based. Look to where your audience lives, works, and plays.
RT @ArtInstituteHOU: Safe is boring! @DamienFranco @platformit
RT @SuperLadyLIVE: Although you may not have the budget, make consistent moves and spontaneity is AWESOME. @DamienFranco #BeAuthentic #PLA…
RT @SarahSchimmer: @platformit @MelissaLovesHOU @DamienFranco Begins NOW!! #Platformit http://t.co/TR3chY9ZUJ
Woot! sarahschimmer's photo http://t.co/fCKRSn9Grz #platformit #speakers
Behind the scenes at #Platformit @ Aloft Houston by the Galleria https://t.co/Hm1dkNOSks
Ready to help entrepreneurs learn about #socialmedia http://t.co/qje5IAyoW8 #platformit
Boom! Here for #platformit! (@ Aloft Houston by the Galleria in Houston, TX) https://t.co/lEJnUQpXjG
Hate having to restart my computer when I've got a zillion tabs open!
Modern #Marketing is out! http://t.co/qysouqHo95 Stories via @tferriss

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