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RT @SocialRugratHOU: Genius! Mini Caramel Apples that are easy to eat & your #kids will love. http://t.co/TRp5733vLy http://t.co/p9YCxwqjpM
This is pretty awesome. RT @SmithsonianMag: A new device uses light to tackle the effects of jet lag http://t.co/fhJWU6uj3j
RT @NealSchaffer: Periscope Uncouples Itself From Twitter, Twitter Account No Longer Required http://t.co/AEB9a5MSnr via @sejournal
Great! RT @Henry_Stradford: Captain’s Quarters by redmere on 500px #photography #streetphotography http://t.co/qKBChYuhwX
Love it! RT @goodwin_austin: @AnniseParker : Full Time Houston Mayor🌆 and Part Time Savage😂 http://t.co/UXZaY6n627
@MelissaLovesHOU she's so awesome.
Modern #Marketing is out! http://t.co/m9DnuRdT1H
H-Town Daily is out! http://t.co/iCys5yp5bV Stories via @JeromeSolomon @UH_News @erineder0504
Tacos everyday if I could. (at @TorchysTacos in Houston, TX) https://t.co/vhHbl1D9xw
It's a shame when the only real arts program a school offers (theater) ends up being a sham.
@summbot not a great response.
- at Sinclair Elementary, Houston, TX, United States for 1 hour - http://t.co/RVLIBJzalw
Standardized tests in America are probably one of the worst… https://t.co/UAYxFfEAyf http://t.co/tNWe3KaITX
Modern #Marketing is out! http://t.co/Dai7nuDQTe
H-Town Daily is out! http://t.co/D58MICRUHG Stories via @astros @TrendsHouston @MFAH
Brinner. (at @LolaHou in Houston, TX) https://t.co/YSfW4jy2ov
@AlmaWheat @BRDWIL agree that Houston is getting better and better all the time!
The Buyer's Journey: Ask Yourself These 11 Questions by @lkpetrolino Spin Sucks http://t.co/2vhFf3eaWi
Modern #Marketing is out! http://t.co/XzxmHbG0sD

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Photographer, web author/blogger, and all around nice guy. Great art is supposed to make you think...

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