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Solid strategy for staying current in #SocialMedia because WOW is it always changing! http://t.co/waW76oRkGQ http://t.co/ZjqdONnSvE
This is a great post on the cycle or "wheel" of #socialmedia strategy. http://t.co/b1K2ZijE5K
Q&A with IronYard Teacher and RailsConf Speaker Jesse Wolgamott http://t.co/Dvl5zQciAe #startup #Houston
@miamundy not unless they wanna give me a free ticket.
Modern #Marketing is out! http://t.co/aGpY97r5lR
Captivated by amethyst. http://t.co/53ITBGFYCY http://t.co/ii5RqkZWz6
Izok: Quartz skull. http://t.co/khj30m4b2b http://t.co/XTDP33iQd3
H-Town Daily is out! http://t.co/1yXPOCVFvo Stories via @HoustonHeights @astros @christiancarol
How startup Cubr might kill the business card and foster dangerous liaisons http://t.co/yyWZBgGcNY
@Mark_Markets @PamMktgNut that's a good idea
Boom. Happy hour. #StartupGrindHOU (@ McGonigel's Mucky Duck - @theduckhouston w/ 3 others) https://t.co/YYfCW7340t
RT @PamMktgNut: How to Get Your CEO on Twitter http://t.co/iDDDjrknKG
@1MillionCupsHOU If I didn't have the kiddos with me today I would have totally made it!
Wireless users accept data limits. Home Internet users hate them. http://t.co/hslx6xFbVa Via @dsilverman
Palantir buys Poptip, a startup that helps brands make sense of tweets http://t.co/BZYJOvkSKr
RT @iOrchardLubbock: NPR One app arrives on iPhone with curated public radio streams http://t.co/7EscpxuGfP
Zappos billionaire wants to turn a dusty Las Vegas wasteland into a thriving urban hub http://t.co/MWJab9fePE CC @HeatherPHR
How to Become an Authority: Admit ‘I Don't Know’ http://t.co/U50qHG5dpo There are, of course, "known unknowns" so...
Modern #Marketing is out! http://t.co/aGpY97r5lR
Pick a niche and excel. Ensure that your back links are organically obtained AND coming from reputable websites.... http://t.co/QwrRbTSW3L

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