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Great food and amazing service! (@ Nam Eatery in Houston, TX) https://t.co/akBOJjYIsd
“New ideas are sometimes found in the most granular details of a problem where few others bother to look.” – Nate Silver
@katykatztx Gah! I really wish I was going.
“If you’re a good marketing person, you have to be a little crazy.” – Jim Metcalf
The latest Modern #Marketing! https://t.co/stYLcfTmkl
The latest H-Town Daily! https://t.co/qC7v9TvBeI Thanks to @ErikVidor @StephStradley @CEO4SHO
“Why Excessive Consumption Limits your Creativity” by @UnmistakableCEO https://t.co/6EGQRAcGLo
Market research is your friend https://t.co/sQIM1zTiHg #marketing
@iamEPanthony thank you for the kind words.
You're first step to marketing your business https://t.co/MNAuifJcUb
Karbach Brewing Company on #Yelp: The ambiance is fantastic. The beer, of course, is amazing. But I was really bl… https://t.co/1tkWhRG4l1
A Cake Addict on #Yelp: You have to love it when a local company helps out a local school. My wife needed some ic… https://t.co/Dix4YnWBHI
“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” – Zig Ziglar
1st question is so important. The 7 Most Important Questions to Ask of Your SEO Data by @TimothyCarter https://t.co/gITqHICAsJ #marketing
The latest Modern #Marketing! https://t.co/7Fcez5Oa6Z
Not good. Photographs don't lie: why does Austria flirt with fascism? https://t.co/CZHKj3jpq6 #art
The latest H-Town Daily! https://t.co/d2wTFPSWED Thanks to @bzbergmann @donholt99 @MelissaLovesHOU
“Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them do so.” – Bryan Eisenberg
I think these changes are good. Why Twitter’s Latest Changes Are a Bigger Deal Than You Think https://t.co/2QgtwIb18Z #marketing
RT @thinkozeal: Over 400 downloads! Awesome. Check out https://t.co/sChOV6bhAp with @DamienFranco all about #SocialMediaMarketing #socialme…

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Photographer, web author/blogger, and all around nice guy. Great art is supposed to make you think...

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