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NYC puts up traffic signs featuring haikus http://t.co/DNBgZyR2
Thief tries to sell woman stolen jewelry http://t.co/bemzUYAj
Two young kids call 911 for Santa http://t.co/tgdquTG3
Rugby player's dad runs onto pitch after brawl - Odd News http://t.co/wy6peRLI
Britain is one of Europe's worst water wasters - Odd News http://t.co/6UOkAuwx
NBC News host ignores on-air fire alarm (Video) - Odd News http://t.co/Q2T8901B
Take one office chair and a leaf blower… (Video) - Odd News http://t.co/gvj8RSlw
Facebook reveal the most shared articles of 2011 - Odd News http://t.co/OUQUSgnr
Eiffel Tower could become giant jungle (or not) - Odd News http://t.co/cWg3lqUo
How a Chinese cave got listed on the U.S. stock market | Reuters http://t.co/fuCFxbCF
Amy Winehouse dress fetches $68,000 at auction | Reuters http://t.co/M6Ekc6tL
Graveyard guitar robber faces jail | Reuters http://t.co/FnAeyLkc
Thanksgiving spat over chair ends in knife attack | Reuters http://t.co/Sz0ysci4
Old debt catches up with lottery winner http://t.co/uRliPXjm
Suit donated with $13,000 in pockets http://t.co/WBabiaGE
22 tons of yeast waste spilled onto road http://t.co/uUSjpHSB
Your Daily Horoscope - November 30, 2011 http://t.co/Jhqq3uK9
The Almanac, Celebrity Birthdays, Today in History, November 30 http://t.co/MfbbJ0qV
Messy seagulls return to car dealership http://t.co/t3mY9m78
Police: Woman stabbed with ornament http://t.co/AR10rzq8

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