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Adorable pets in crazy sleeping positions!
Desperately looking for a foster for this poor pup. The nice people who found him cleaned him up and took him in...
Hahaha! Poor thing!
Found in downtown Wilmington, NC...Anyone recognize her?
Aw shucks.
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Great news from Canines for Service!
We love SPoT oN - be your own spot!
OMG Just when I think I've seen it all...a video like this comes out. LOL! Weiner cops and robbers!
Absolutely. I'd rather play with the dog than make small talk with strangers. LOL!
Okay, I definitely need to teach my dogs to help bring in the groceries!
A great organization!
@bvillsher77 So sweet!
RT @happy__ringo: Just hanging out with my brother from a different mother. 💙 #doglovers #dogs
I'm Batman! LOL!
Aw, poor thing! LOL!
The humans at Dog Living will be enjoying this tonight from Chateau La Paws!

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