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RT @VictoriaS: Piper is an amazing pit bull with a great Positively success story to tell!
Outstanding! We made the @SayItSocial Top 10 Tweeter list! #ilm
@SayItSocial Woof! (Translation: We are very honored to have made the list!)
"Like" if this is true in your house!
@fullmoonpet Gotta love old dogs!
@DropDownSmiling Cooper is a talented dog!
@barefootdaze Yeah, we think so too!
@A_Forgues Stay warm!
@beat_anna Aww! Good. Morning Beasley!
A purse made from leftover dog hair? We can't decide if it's gross or a great way to recycle!
I've never seen a cuter alphabet!
LOL! Now that is an overachiever!
RT @Alexbarkbadges: Are dogs really LOYAL?!?!! This #funnyvideo may change ur mind!!! LOL @dogs
We're so excited about this video! Check out Happy 2 - Dog Days and then make sure you learn more about the great...
It's here! Please note the link below the video (in YouTube) to donate to Canines for Service. Now enjoy Happy 2...
OMG I am crying laughing! I think Ollie will be a spider this Halloween, although I won't let him scare anyone...
Do you have a small breed dog?
@treeofpeace Funny. Ollie once ate a grease-soaked paper towel...I had to pull it out when it started coming out the other end!

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