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Oh how we love to read stories like this about the kindness of people!
Bizarre pet insurance claims. Dogs are definitely opportunists when it comes to food!
Poor thing! He had a plastic jug stuck on his head!
RT @melissakirsch: what the family dog is thankful for this Thanksgiving:
Keep your four-legged friends in mind when decorating your home with these simple tips.
I posted a new photo to Facebook
@ShorttTimothy Brrr! Sweater weather in Florida? Crazy!
Pecos doesn't care how cold it is, he still loves to sunbathe!
@AdmiralFrazier Yes, what a perfect winner!
@photohumph Great action shot!
LOST DOG! Wilmington area...
Former victim of Michael Vick named ASPCA Dog of the Year.
This is the face of a dog that is up to no good. I wonder what he's done?
And the lesson from this Golden Retriever? "Don't race through life. Eat and play every chance you get!"
RT @janet_chung: Lost #dog, #LAX airport. Reward 805-551-9706. RT @FRomano91: #BringTyHome
RT @streetdogfdn: Scarlet is warm on the couch. It's cold out side. #PolarVortex #sdfScarlet
RT @streetdogfdn: Sweet Murph! Snuggly, furry, fun. #beautiful eyes. #sdfMurph #sdfAdoptable he's at Erin Way @HWFeed until 3…
SWFGSD (single white female german shepherd dog) looking for love! Young Hannah is looking for a new home of her...

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