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I'm Batman! LOL!
Aw, poor thing! LOL!
The humans at Dog Living will be enjoying this tonight from Chateau La Paws!
RT @WildgoosePhotos: I wonder if she flaps them hard enough she’ll take off?
@WildgoosePhotos How adorable!
There is some "not safe for little ears" language in this cartoon, but you will appreciate the humor!
Good stuff.
Yep. Look out for those sneaky cats! LOL!
How could you not love that sweet face! And she is already housebroken and sounds like a very low key dog. Perfect!
RT @muttstuff: Know of any good lookin’ #CityDogs who want to be featured in a book? …
RT @MarieDavino: Can you help us?
I've never seen anything like this! A pit bull/dachshund mix? Wow!
LOL! Very deep thought indeed!
Good. The ad should have never been made in the first place.
Wow. So what do you think of this GoDaddy ad?
Love the baby crawling!

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