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In Mumbai, high-standard homes are being built using recycled materials! https://t.co/wu6dNUcF9A https://t.co/dnaOByxnLE
Want to turn your DNA into art? Now's your chance! Save 25% this weekend with code DN7K4 https://t.co/xITIc2mk7q https://t.co/YQsnA4VjFa
We're loving how these stunning satellite images turn Earth into art https://t.co/kA3NWsjjpt via @SmithsonianMag https://t.co/reIelHWgwk
The transit of Mercury is producing some really incredible images! https://t.co/425mCHIQO7 via @mashable https://t.co/IC0monFg6b
Happy #DNADay16! Take 25% off art made from your own DNA with promo code DNADAY https://t.co/koCMUKS19T https://t.co/EWKXULDWXu
These Jaw-Dropping Photos of Space Remind Us Just How Small We Really Are https://t.co/3qa2142wc6 via @MicNews https://t.co/BkTxEqfOti
The results are really beautiful! DIY Machines Recycle Plastic into Objects https://t.co/0RxIQJmUCh via @designmilk https://t.co/6OHzH6b6JO
At This Supermarket, The Produce Section Grows Its Own Produce https://t.co/edOEy86sLt via @FastCoExist https://t.co/rKgkqbzTbH
Artist James Nizam photographs light sculptures and the effect is very cool. https://t.co/XSvht2KN46 via @Booooooom https://t.co/HQPPfW9a0a
Love this! Thanks for sharing :) https://t.co/vU5kR1mo9S
Check out this interactive light & sound #art installation in NYC https://t.co/AJayFzlJOY via @designmilk https://t.co/3BYQJxbQyH
Save 30% this #PresidentsDay! Create #DNA art as unique as you are with code PRESIDENT30. https://t.co/3AfVDjb5fb https://t.co/V6ZN1yyXIy
#Save 25% on all #DNA Gift Kits for Valentine's Day! Order by Feb. 7 and use code SWEETGIFT for delivery by Feb. 14. https://t.co/zV6qw7TKp7
@JamieLMDJs You can trust us, Jamie! Check out what our happy customers have to say about their DNA Art: https://t.co/EspAJWJhY5
@jamielmdjs Hey Jamie! We specialize in DNA Portraits and more unique art. Check out our products right here —> https://t.co/R2am59qHFp
Costa Rica is succeeding in making fossil fuels a thing of the past. https://t.co/ORWKD6h55Z via @mymodernmet https://t.co/N03WtU5Khs
You can make this skincare #packaging blush just by pinching it. https://t.co/1RFcEJU4WK via @PSFK https://t.co/lSSYJTAjPH
This carbon fiber plane is fitted with LED lights to reduce jet lag. https://t.co/ltuxRbk0Cp via @FastCoExist https://t.co/BENNuh0LsO
This map visualizes a river's 15,000 year history with lasers & #data. So cool! https://t.co/aeW918Fkbe https://t.co/a8lpOhnyDc
Adidas combines #sustanability & footwear to create a 3D printed shoe. https://t.co/lGUcO69lSG via @designmilk https://t.co/nVch44yRTu

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