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RT @epninos: LTSP thin client under GNU/Linux Ubuntu at 15th Junior High School, Peristeri, Greece http://t.co/OwdKWpYsYs
RT @linuxltsp: Over 180 Schools in #Greece power their computers with #Linux - http://t.co/WR6n8jsX
A Significant Number of Our Clients Have Not Touched Their Devices in 7 - 10 Years. #Thinclient
RT @israelmgo: RT @projectzme: Setting up an Ubuntu Thin Client Server http://t.co/b8rwhRqp via @projectzme #ltsp #ubuntu #linux #sysadmin
Linux Terminal Server Project Around The World - http://t.co/QL58m5oS
In 2018 Computers Have Five Senses - http://t.co/GQdMSoZv #tech
@lopta Smart card connector to MB and slot built in yes, actual reader, no. Lots of different types out there to integrate.
@lopta Smart card readers are separate, and we're not smart card experts But! If you want to discuss more, e-mail us!
@lopta We appreciate you thinking of us! Hope all is well :)
RT @linuxltsp: See who is network booting #Linux with LTSP here http://t.co/VxJuDIVQ
RT @tinytodd: RT @jaycappah: @kensevec @Presidio initial adoption of thin-clients can be expensive. many customer repurpose with @LinuxLTSP
RT @alexdgs: RT @DLWS: Hiring Web Developers and Software Engineers in #Michigan. http://t.co/Br3nJzB8 #Jobs in #Linux
Hiring Web Developers and Software Engineers in #Michigan. http://t.co/Br3nJzB8 #Jobs in #Linux
In 1999 we created the Linux Terminal Server Project ... Look at it on the map 13 years later - http://t.co/YmcgiCRf
Love the Cloud? Want to go Diskless at your end points? Start here - http://t.co/ydw6Wn00
RT @linuxltsp: Find us on @StackExchange ... You Ask, We Answer - http://t.co/cszLqiuz
RT @sunzofman1: Looking forward to #Astricon #asterisk #ATL
RT @linuxltsp: Making Old Computers New Again in New Zealand with #LTSP - http://t.co/hgGJg9eh
Make sure to take a moment today to watch the video from @nVirtu at http://t.co/0ddgsFdv
RT @sjvn: Linus Torvalds interviewed by Slashdot readers http://t.co/WvsGtfWo #Linux by @sjvn

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