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Have you heard ‘Forbidden Society Master DJPLB Remaster’ by @DJPLB on #SoundCloud? https://t.co/n2gY8KERMl
Have you heard ‘all in my lovesick mind The Other DJPLB REmix’ by @DJPLB on #SoundCloud? https://t.co/yMAd1QSpre
TOOOO FAAAARRR OUT all in my lovesick mind The Other DJPLB REmix http://t.co/yvw1SYKOol on #SoundCloud
TOOOO FAAAARRR OUT Master DJPLB Remaster http://t.co/uAlnpuATcr on #SoundCloud
RT @MargaretMolloy: Great TY RT @stephfierman @gail_nelson @bethcomstock @ckburgess @mnburgess @KarenDellCMO @DrncPno @alexromanovich @MENG…
Anybody in Moses Lake or Spokane Washington hit me up! I have DJ Sound systems for sale
some may call DJPLB the dream stealer because they'll put it on ya then ill peal you
I am big time clock beat mixer spinning the scales of justice elixir brushing vengeance off the big picture
In the last few days I have just kept my license & registration in my glovebox #Everett you should legally have to wear it around your neck
RT @fayhart101: Speak in extremes, it'll save you time ~ David Bowie
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EMERSON Vintage Radio Early 1900's: http://t.co/Z9kTJa9W0F #ebaymobile
The guy I kicked out said I was cool even though I'm a white guy
EAW MX300i 3 Way Speaker Processor Crossover: http://t.co/gpTsdPKKTq #ebaymobile
Bose Premium Jewel Cube Surround Sound Monitor Speakers (2): http://t.co/ijDlFEtJuR #ebaymobile

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