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We're placing our bets on you to win too.
Great job Gerard
RT @andygfx: Good work using DEWALT tools, they really are the best for the job #guaranteed tough #DEWALT
Great shot, what project was this for?
All-around #tough
@OwenParker4 Hi Owen. You can locate the nearest center at the link below. If one isn't close, it can be mailed.
we cant wait either. #tough
@TAshley122 Sorry to hear this Todd. Please email our team at so we can assist you with the issue you are having. Thanks
Happy Memorial Day. Thank you.
@MichaelJKelly76 hmmm #beastmode we like that.
@BrianGarveyF1 looking sharp Brian
We know you count on us because others count on you.
Even with the cloudy skies, the work never stops. #Tough
We've got great NASCAR fans who are going to enjoy this weekend's DEWALT race preview @mattkenseth @JoeGibbsRacing
This is a job site. Nice work Kyle.
@ajdahlgren if you're asking us, we're going to say stick with the yellow #Tough
@jrobbins1982 @JessicaLSmith20 @mattkenseth we're happy to have Matt back too
We're glad to hear you're doing okay Steven. #PerformAndProtect #tough
Thank you to everyone who participated in the DeWALT Car Wrap voting. We will be unveiling the winner soon. #DeWALT1 #DeWALT2 #DeWALT3
@Kaleyx Oh no Kaley! Were sorry to hear this. Please email us at so we can have our team assist you further. Thanks

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