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35.00 USD

This delicate crocheted piece has a variety of colors, from basics to tans and turquoise, a creation that you can wear over bare shoulder or with a simple top or dress to create a total new outfit.

The different intricate thread work is the main character here, the textures and shapes created only with thread and needle.

The size around neck is 16"
2" wide
Closes with buttons on the back.

Thanks for your visit!

42.00 USD

This neck piece was created with fine cotton threads of variety of colors , tan, turquoise, mustard, olive green and orange, colors that could easily be used all year around, accented with Citrine stones and glass beads. Lightweight. Wear it over bare shoulders or over a simple top for an instant statement.

Size around neck 16 1/2"

Lace is about 2 1/2" wide around neck.

Drops 3" on the front.

Closes with a button on the back.

Thank you for your visit, have a lovely day!

40.00 USD

This crocheted necklace is handmade with variety of thin cotton threads stones and wooden beads.
Lots of texture, lace bits and color, creates a layered bohemian look.

The size around the neck is 16"
Drops 4" on the front.

Closes with a mother pearl button.

Last picture shows it on a halter long blouse.

Thank you for your visit.

Shipping within USA is priority mail.

30.00 USD

Inspired by poppy flowers, and laces, I wanted to make a see through lace flower to show your skin, vibrant combination, of red, and greens.

Closed with a crocheted button.

Fits 7" wrist

Packages go priority mail, I do my vest to combine items, to save in shipping cost.

Have a lovely day, thanks for your visit :)

30.00 USD

This crocheted cuff, was crocheted in delicate cotton thread, in two tones, turquoise and brown.

Accented with wooden beads, for a boho chic look.

Fits 7" wrist

3 1/4" at widest point.

Packages go priority mail, I combine items, to save you in shipping cost. Thanks for your visit, have a lovely day :)

30.00 USD

Rich colors, textured crocheted lace work, romantic, one of a kind, crocheted cuff.

Accented with red coral.
Colors are olive green, tan, red wine and forest green.

Fits 6 1/2" wrist
About 4" wide

Looks lovely, for engagement portraits..

Packages go priority mail.
I combine items.

Have a lovely, day, thanks for your visit :)

38.00 USD

An ethereal portrait of spring, a butterfly and flowers, all crocheted in several shades of ecru, vintage white, cream colors.

Romantic, lovely, different textures and dainty handcrocheted lace.

Accented with a tear drop stones.

Neckline 17 1/2"
Drops 3 1/2" on the front.

Very lightweight and easy to wear.

Packages go priority mail, have a lovely day, thanks for visiting :)

49.00 USD

This lovely piece features soft colors, lilac, pink, blue, and ecru.

Romantic Cala Lilies flower with a mix of laces in same colors. Accented with glass beads.

Button on the back.

Neckline 17"

Drops 5" on the front.

Completely hand crocheted with delicate cotton threads.

Packages go priority mail, thanks for your visit, have a wonderful day. :)

49.00 USD

Lacy hand crocheted necklace in a mix of browns and turquoise.

Drops 4 1/2"on the front
18 1/2" around the neck

One of a kind creation that can be used all year around.

Packages go priority mail.

49.00 USD

Lacy design in a variety of olives and sage greens, accented with stones.

Falls 4 " on the front
Totally hand crocheted lace.
Lace 2" wide
Closes with a button.
15 1/2" around neck.

Delicate cotton thread, works for all seasons.
One of a kind.

Packages will go priority mail.

Thanks for your visit.


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