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if Google no longer looks at keywords (Hummingbird), and people no longer search with keywords (voice search), we... https://t.co/XzjJamuAin
While SEO is NOT dead, the way that you’re doing it might be. Does the following describe your approach? You’ve... https://t.co/7NWoJDVqT4
Pieces of content that are too similar are the real cannibals here, since the duplicates are being filtered.... https://t.co/2XLlSvIpt0
It’s easy to overlook your organic click-through rates on Google. After all, you’ve probably been lulled into... https://t.co/vIEhWnnq26
Google has quietly announced on Google+ that they are removing a Google Search Console feature that is almost... https://t.co/rQcCZqyutG
Penguin is coined a “web spam” algorithm, but it indeed focuses mostly on “link spam.” Google has continually... https://t.co/Rby5mum4Sx
In order to meet the demands of today’s search landscape and connect with more qualified consumers, strategists... https://t.co/oLNsk7OsuQ
pages that have a higher-than-expected CTR tend to rank higher in search results. Every three-percent increase in... https://t.co/6lCq4Vibpk
The grouping of keyword volumes is a problem for anyone working in search because Keyword Planner is the primary... https://t.co/5GPHuV8dlT
Regardless of mobile’s impact, the No. 1 organic listing captures the most click activity, regardless of what new... https://t.co/dlt8TXMa7S
So links are important — critically so for SEO. But links are one of many factors and should not be looked at in... https://t.co/N95HRVZvaH
There’s no need to think of Google every time you’re writing a new post, but it’s still useful to understand what... https://t.co/Qs32sFn6wM
There are so many myths around duplicate content that people actually think it causes a penalty and that their... https://t.co/QK4setDsIl
A huge part of present-day SEO practices is brand building and influencing search queries themselves, as opposed... https://t.co/EtcTa7dYi8
A huge part of present-day SEO practices is brand building and influencing search queries themselves, as opposed... https://t.co/QefUELPzIg
Content and links have a symbiotic relationship: great content attracts links, and links improve the visibility... https://t.co/QIWnsCNynp
Mobile search is now approaching 60 percent of all queries, and a substantial percentage of those queries carry... https://t.co/FrLkE2xHX5
Even big corporations handling high-volume online sales often work with SEO dinosaurs — “experts” who learned... https://t.co/CRxJQiX6D1
Customers love to see reviews when they are going to select a new business for the first time. In fact, 83% of... https://t.co/YEeNxWmQao
In short, the webmaster and SEO community is confident that there was an algorithm change with the Google organic... https://t.co/ezDcxivMMJ

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